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Another handbook section :-)

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We have a very unusual situation in the Northern Virginia chapter -
there's an election scheduled for this month's meeting (I'm stepping
down as chapter chair), because we have two people who want to be the
chapter leader (obviously I hope that whoever wins will solicit the
other person for help).  In all my years of volunteer work, this is
probably the first where there's been competition for a volunteer

Anyway, the question is whether people can vote "absentee".  The
chapter handbook is silent on elections, probably because this has
never happened before.  Nor, for that matter, does the handbook say
who can vote.  My assumption was that anyone who shows up can vote,
and there is no absentee voting, but one of the candidates has sent a
message to the list saying that people who can't come should send me
their absentee votes.

Help, please!  The meeting is this Thursday!


P.S. The VERY good news on this is that dozens of people who don't
ordinarily attend OWASP meetings are planning to attend in order to
vote - which might increase our attendance in the future.
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