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Thanks Sebastien for the feedback. Your outline looks good. I was trying to work on the content for a high level presentation for the college pack as we discussed in the meeting, since I did this high level presentation for Managers and Executives I was trying to get a feel for what should the high level presentation look like for the College pack. Any input will be appreciated.


I am looking forward to seeing your managers and executive presentation when you translate it in English.



Nishi Kumar

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> Nishi,
> I've read you slides and something coming to my mind.
> I think you're document is very good level for Project Manager, but
> when you talk to executives, you have 5 minutes and don't need to deep
> going to demo and so one.
> It's why I propose to you the following TOC for the executive/Manager
> document: :
> 1 - Why securing
> =>you're approach + perhaps legal risks ?
> 2 - Myths and reality of Security in a AppWeb World
> 3 - Short extract of the Top10 2010 because it's risk based
> 4 - Methodology to secure dev, methodology to secure review,
> methodology to secure architecture, ... => Ref to OWASP guide, ASVS,
> ....
> Perhaps i missunderstand what you think of manager ?
> Anyway, I'm pleased to contibute with you in the OWASP-CBT.
> Just to let you know, we (French guys
> http://www.clusif.fr/fr/production/ouvrages/resume.asp?id=211 ) have
> made a document to manager and executive (who will be translate in
> english for the beginning of January 2010).
> S.
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