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fabio.e.cerullo at aib.ie fabio.e.cerullo at aib.ie
Tue Aug 25 07:20:35 EDT 2009

great stuff Kuai!! do you think we could link this SAKAI project with the 
"OWASP online and assessment portal" effort we are trying to put in motion 
with Mano?


kuai hinojosa <kuai.hinojosa at owasp.org>
25/08/2009 12:10
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I know all the member of the board of Sakai and I am already working on 
similar effort. One board member is an OWASP nj/NYC chapter member :)

Kuai Hinojosa

On Aug 25, 2009, at 5:22 AM, fabio.e.cerullo at aib.ie wrote:

Hi guys, 

might be an idea to join forces with this open-source organization.... 
they provide a collaboration and learning tool for educators, developed by 

The Sakai Community develops and distributes the open-source Sakai CLE, an 
enterprise-ready collaboration and courseware management platform that 
provides users with a suite of learning, portfolio, library and project 

more info here: http://www.sakaiproject.org/ 

Interestingly, they have a Security Policy and even a Security Working 
group which I think OWASP could fit in perfectly as well. 

what do you think? 

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