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Good point.  I had read this having a comprehensive understanding of what happened in London http://www.owasp.org/index.php/London/Training/OWASP_projects_and_resources_you_can_use_TODAY and was looking at this as my model.  It is set up as more of a speed training track than a presentation track.


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*	All Global AppSec conferences must accommodate
an OWASP Track

*	Will not represent more than 1/3 of content (can be half day, full day, full conference as applies to the individual conference)
*	Joint venture with Projects Committee
*	Regional/theme events will have this available to them


I'm still worried about the quality of the OWASP track. There are quite a few PowerPoint pushers out there and some of them will think an OWASP presentation is a voucher for going abroad. That would be a real waste of our precious money since the audience would get a lousy impression of OWASP while the foundation pays a hefty sum for moving and accommodating the speaker.


If I were organizing a conference I'd read the instructions above as if there has to be an OWASP track regardless of the quality. Some OWASP leader from some chapter around the world sends in a default abstract for an OWASP Testing Guide presentation and I have to accept him/her. I might not even review that submission since I have to accept it anyway.


A way around this would be to require OWASP speakers to _demo_ the stuff they're presenting. I just did OWASP training at IBWAS'10 and spent ~25 hours implementing and preparing demos. I ran code live. Demo or Die, I say.


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