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Mon Dec 20 09:09:36 EST 2010


I once said that I would put out a survey so that conference planners
could tell us what could OWASP provide to make it easier to plan a

I think we should have this information before the Summit, so I am
willing to build the survey ASAP.

So, I would like the help of all committee members to:

1. find a good web site to build surveys (I know Google Forms)
2. build a list of conference planners that could answer the poll
3. Define the polls questions. I have a few initial topics, but would
welcome feedback and suggestions. My initial questions and topcis are
listed at the end of this message.



Conference Planner Survey

- Do you think you have received adequate support from OWASP?
- Have you used the "How to host a conference" wiki page?
- In which of the following areas do you think OWASP could improve
support to conference organizers?
  - Budgeting
  - Sponsorship
  - content selection
  - venue selection
  - volunteer workforce management
  - marketing
- How to Host a Conference: please rate each topic of the "How to Host
a Conference" wiki page
  - Event definition
  - Board member role
  - Planning
  - Budget
  - Sponsors
  - Venue
  - Content
  - Audio visual/Recording
  - Registration
  - Promotion
  - Catering
  - Social Events
  - Travel
  - Accomodations
  - Resources
  - Requirements

**Each item should allow the respondent to rate OWASP Support from
0-10, with 0 for "no support" and 10 for "awsome".


On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 20:44, Mark Bristow <mark.bristow at owasp.org> wrote:
> All,
> I wanted to get a couple of items started discussing the Summit.  Please
> read it all, many of you will not get past bullet 1, but it's important to
> know #1 before we plan #2.
> First, Who is going to be there?
> Originally, I was told that all Committee members travel would be covered to
> the summit and I have mentioned this to some of you, however this is not the
> current case.  Right now the only Committee members who's travel
> is guaranteed are members who are active and have been on the committee for
> 6 months or more (John, Lucas and Myself).  As many of you just joined the
> committee your travel is NOT guaranteed.  The initial run of travel is
> currently ongoing and depending on the availability and need of
> the Guaranteed Committee members the New members will be arranged based on
> previous participation in OWASP based on a set of points.  I believe the
> summit committee is still working out this bit, but should be making an
> announcement soon about who will get sponsored travel and how.
> Personally, I disagree with this policy.  After the board committee members
> are our second level leaders, and I feel it's really important that we all
> get together in one place to get some work done and communicate in a way
> that you just can't do via email.  Unfortunately, current funds are not
> available for all (ties somewhat into my positions on other matters?) and
> while I am working with others to secure these funds, I'm unsure if this
> will happen.  So in the mean time, there are other options:
> Wait.  Funds may be added/freed up for additional travel, and I will do
> everything I can to make sure your names are at the top of the list
> Approach your employer for funds
> (https://docs.google.com/document/d/10mE4EcsfwNOl3X43fKaTMERU79X2z5jUxLvAKkrlgqQ/edit?hl=en&authkey=CN2x0qoN)
> Use local chapter funds to sponsor your travel (Estimated costs are about
> $2000 per)
> So, if you've got an email indicating your funded, have other funding means,
> or are completely unavailable, please let me know.  I know I will be there
> (cleared employer for time and OWASP for funding, might even bring my
> pregnant wife, at my expense of course)
> What do we want to get done?
> If we can get a quorum at the summit, I'd love to have a meeting there to
> discuss overall strategy and the 2011 plan.  We can skype in people who
> can't make it.
> We also have a dedicated session
> (http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Working_Sessions_Conferences) which
> I've tentatively titled "Improving Conference Planner Support".  I'd love to
> go over the plan for 2011 and discuss with attendees how we can better
> support planners putting on conferences.
> I haven't put a TON of thought into our session yet (I was just told I'm
> running 3 other sessions, fun) but i'd like to open it up to you all to
> discuss what we should put on the agenda and outcomes we'd like to achieve.
>  It's our floor, what do we want to do with it?
> Also, we are NOT limited to the 1 session.  If we have other compelling
> things we can break it out, and we might want to.
> Really I just wanted to get this dialogue going.
> Thoughts, comments, rotten tomatoes?
> --
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> mark.bristow at owasp.org
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