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Mark Bristow mark.bristow at owasp.org
Fri Dec 17 17:44:38 EST 2010


I wanted to get a couple of items started discussing the Summit.  Please
read it all, many of you will not get past bullet 1, but it's important to
know #1 before we plan #2.

*First, Who is going to be there?*
Originally, I was told that all Committee members travel would be covered to
the summit and I have mentioned this to some of you, however this is not the
current case.  Right now the only Committee members who's travel
is guaranteed are members who are active and have been on the committee for
6 months or more (John, Lucas and Myself).  As many of you just joined the
committee your travel is NOT guaranteed.  The initial run of travel is
currently ongoing and depending on the availability and need of
the Guaranteed Committee members the New members will be arranged based on
previous participation in OWASP based on a set of points.  I believe the
summit committee is still working out this bit, but should be making an
announcement soon about who will get sponsored travel and how.

Personally, I disagree with this policy.  After the board committee members
are our second level leaders, and I feel it's really important that we all
get together in one place to get some work done and communicate in a way
that you just can't do via email.  Unfortunately, current funds are not
available for all (ties somewhat into my positions on other matters?) and
while I am working with others to secure these funds, I'm unsure if this
will happen.  So in the mean time, there are other options:

   - Wait.  Funds may be added/freed up for additional travel, and I will do
   everything I can to make sure your names are at the top of the list
   - Approach your employer for funds (
   - Use local chapter funds to sponsor your travel (Estimated costs are
   about $2000 per)

So, if you've got an email indicating your funded, have other funding means,
or are completely unavailable, please let me know.  I know I will be there
(cleared employer for time and OWASP for funding, might even bring my
pregnant wife, at my expense of course)

*What do we want to get done?*
If we can get a quorum at the summit, I'd love to have a meeting there to
discuss overall strategy and the 2011 plan.  We can skype in people who
can't make it.

We also have a dedicated session (
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Working_Sessions_Conferences) which
I've tentatively titled "Improving Conference Planner Support".  I'd love to
go over the plan for 2011 and discuss with attendees how we can better
support planners putting on conferences.

I haven't put a TON of thought into our session yet (I was just told I'm
running 3 other sessions, fun) but i'd like to open it up to you all to
discuss what we should put on the agenda and outcomes we'd like to achieve.
 It's our floor, what do we want to do with it?

Also, we are NOT limited to the 1 session.  If we have other compelling
things we can break it out, and we might want to.

Really I just wanted to get this dialogue going.

Thoughts, comments, rotten tomatoes?

Mark Bristow
(703) 596-5175
mark.bristow at owasp.org

OWASP Global Conferences Committee Chair - http://is.gd/5MTvF
OWASP DC Chapter Co-Chair - http://is.gd/5MTwu
AppSec DC Organizer - https://www.appsecdc.org
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