[Global_conference_committee] Announcing the Global Conference Committee Governance Document

Mark Bristow mark.bristow at owasp.org
Fri Dec 17 11:19:29 EST 2010


After identifying a gap in policies governing the conduct of
committee business (Voting, Quorum, Member Requirements ect...) I am pleased
to announce that the Global Conferences Committee has unanimously adopted a
self-governing document,
 This document, while not earth-shattering the document is an important step
in maturing the function of the committee and will help
to consistently conduct committee business.  If you have any comments or
concerns, please direct them to global_conference_committee at lists.owasp.org

Clearly, this is not all we're working on.  We are still making strides in
defining our 2011 plan which should have some significant changes
in conference requirements, definition and global support.  So look for more
from us soon!

Additionally, if your interested in helping to shape this and other OWASP
governance/policy documents, please join us at the summit session (
that will be conducted by Tom Brennan, Jason Li and myself.  As always all
opinions and comments are welcome.


Mark Bristow
(703) 596-5175
mark.bristow at owasp.org

OWASP Global Conferences Committee Chair - http://is.gd/5MTvF
OWASP DC Chapter Co-Chair - http://is.gd/5MTwu
AppSec DC Organizer - https://www.appsecdc.org
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