[Global_conference_committee] [Global_membership_committee] Conference/Chapter Revenue Splitting

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Tue Dec 14 15:13:38 EST 2010

So taking Michael's suggestion of starting fresh, I've cleared the long
quote of the thread.

As an observer to the thread, I'm going to capture what I think has been
mentioned so far on the thread.

And then I'll weigh in with my humble opinion, keeping in mind that I am not
involved in the Conferences Committee, Membership Committee, Chapter
Committee, or the Board (in other words, I'm a nobody in this conversation


Summary of Problem:
Where does Conference revenue go?

Points of Concern:
1) Conferences are put on with the assistance of local chapters and
coordination/support from the OWASP mothership
2) We want a way to reward local chapters for their help with
running/coordinating a conference
3) We want conference attendees the option to get OWASP Memberships bundled
in with the conference
4) Chapters need money to do things


Now with that out of the way, my personal thoughts:

#4 is completely independent of Conference revenue. There are lots of other
OWASP sectors that also need money to do things (Projects and Summits for
example). If there is a need for Chapters to do something, then this should
be allocated out of the main OWASP mothership budget and not out of
Conference revenue.

In my view, conference revenue should go to one of three places:
1) OWASP Mothership fund (where the Board can then re-allocate as needed to
support Chapters or other initiatives as appropriate)
2) Local Chapter(s) supporting the conference (in order to recognize their
3) Conferences fund managed by the Conferences Committee

I'm not even sure if #3 is really necessary as that could also fall under

The only real debate is what proportion of the revenue should go into which
bucket. That's where I believe this debate originally started. All this
other talk about chapter needs and a chapter fund has clouded the

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