[Global_conference_committee] Conference/Chapter Revenue Splitting

Mark Bristow mark.bristow at owasp.org
Sun Dec 12 20:07:09 EST 2010


The current policy on how conference profit splitting is done is unclear and
has been unevenly applied.  This issue has come up recently and I can't seem
to find a final policy decision on it, so here we go.  We should get this
squared away with a vote after some debate.  Things that people thought it
were are:

   - None
   - Chapter gets the normal split of any Membership signups/renewals done
   with Con registration & at the conference
   - Chapters get 30% of Conference Profits (note, profits not revenue),
   Conference keeps membership income

I propose a new policy:

A conference host chapter shall receive 30% of conference profits, up to a
cap of $3,000 into their chapter expense account.  In cases where there are
multiple host chapters, 30% of conference profits, up to a cap of $4,000
shall be split evenly among the host chapters, or via
any distribution agreed upon by the host chapters.  This applies to Global
AppSec and Regional Conferences.  Profits from local events will be split
50/50 with the foundation.

Now, before we get into "why do chapters need to get a split at all", a camp
I used to be a member of, hosting an AppSec conference or regional
conference is a HUGE undertaking, as we all know.  I think this is a fair
policy in compensating the local chapter who volunteers much of their time
to put on a conference.  While the amounts are capped I think it's a
reasonable cap as chapters don't generally have large expenses.

Any thoughts, comments on this?

Mark Bristow
(703) 596-5175
mark.bristow at owasp.org

OWASP Global Conferences Committee Chair - http://is.gd/5MTvF
OWASP DC Chapter Co-Chair - http://is.gd/5MTwu
AppSec DC Organizer - https://www.appsecdc.org
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