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I actually was talking to Jason Li and Dinis about this at AppSec BR.  We
were thinking that we could develop a "OWASP Points" System that assigns
points to people based on the OWASP Activities they do.  Ultimately We'd
might work out member "levels" or some benefits to add to this, but i

You all would set "global" point values for things like, being a committee
member, committee chair, board member, and other general member stuff.  The
thought would be each committee would assign the point values
for their respective AORs but it would be a Membership
Committee initiative (see how I volunteered you?).  Committee Chairs would
have to report in points say, quarterly and they would be assigned on
completion of the activity.

As an Example for the GCC we do something like (point values are nominal,
we'd have to get together and normalize them):

   - OWASP Conference (Core) Organizer: 50 Pts
   - OWASP Conference Planning Committee Members: 20 Pts
   - OWASP Conference Voluenteer: 10 Pts
   - Attend an OWASP Conference: 5pts
   - Attend OWASP Training Class: 5pts
   - Host an OWASP Event: 10 Pts

Projects would then do something similar for their stuff (take a project to
alpha release, lead a project, submit code .... whatever they want)

Industry, Connections, Education, Chapters and so on.

This serves 2 functions.  You would be able to show off how many OWASP
points you'e earned..... and for employers, employees,
having substantial OWASP points could be a reason to get a raise, job et

OFC, you'd have to be a individual member of the organization for any of
this to be tracked.


On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 4:20 PM, Michael Coates <michael.coates at owasp.org>wrote:

>  In terms of the self assessment, where you thinking of having a specific
> date for it (i.e. every november) or would it be X months from the last
> review or when the leader was appointed?
> Either way could work, but I think we could keep our heads around it better
> if its at a set date every year. Also we can easily advertise/remind the
> leaders list each time that window roles around.
> Workload-wise it might be better to have this on a rolling basis.  That way
> it could be a recurring task (“we need to review these applications by the
> first of the month”) rather than a huge project (“review ALL the
> applications by Nov 1”)  Also I believe that there will be increased OWASP
> activity for most folks just before their renewals come up and it would be
> better to have that spread throughout the year rather than centered at one
> point on the calendar.
> Good point on the ramp up of OWASP activity that might occur prior to the
> deadline.  I'm for the rolling model, we just need to make sure we have a
> good tracking system in place and have several methods to contact each
> individual.
> In terms of the review period, what do you think of making it smaller, i.e:
> at least every 6 months?
> Benefits: Cause individuals to reevaluate their contributions more often.
> Possibly leading to people doing more work for OWASP.
> Negatives: More work for individuals, more work for reviewers (committees
> analyzing these docs).  May frustrate people to keep filling out these docs.
> Also, sometimes people just get busy at work and have to do less OWASP.  Not
> sure how they'd feel to loose their Honorary Status.
> Might make sense to start with an annual model and increase the tempo if we
> think it will increase involvement and it won’t overload the folks doing the
> reviewing.
> I'm for starting this on an annual basis too.
> -Michael
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