[Global_conference_committee] URGENT: AppSec Brasil - How to pay Jason's training?

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Thu Dec 2 10:21:35 EST 2010

I had forwarded this request to Alison as I believe the transaction had
already taken place between OWASP Foundation and Aspect Security to pay
Jason for his training.

I am not clear yet on the amount of the invoice, but yes, it would be an
internal to the U.S. transfer of funds.

Kate Hartmann
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I need an answer on this issue. If you are not the person I should contact,
please let me know who I need to talk to.

In short, we need to pay Jason for his training and have some money to
receive from OWASP. Can part of this amount be sent to Jason, to avoid
crossing borders multiple times?



On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 14:34, Lucas Ferreira <lucas.ferreira at owasp.org>
> Kate,
> I need to know how to proceed regarding this payment. We need to pay 
> the trainers for their work. Can you help me?
> Thanks,
> Lucas
> On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 18:54, Lucas Ferreira <lucas.ferreira at owasp.org>
>> Hello Kate,
>> Some of the expenses were estimated higher than the actual amount due.
>> We still need to get the final values from one supplier, but the loss 
>> is now estimated to be around USD 850.
>> Anyway, we still owe Aspect Security their share in the trainings.
>> Since the Foundation will need to provide funds to cover Dinis, Mark 
>> and Samy expenses, is it possible to have the funds transferred 
>> directly to Aspect? What do I need to do to have this approved and 
>> executed?
>> In summary, we should receive USD 2470 from the foundation to cover 
>> the travel for Dinis, Mark and Samy. We need to pay Aspect USD 2300.
>> Can the Foundation pay Aspect and we keep the remaining USD 170 as 
>> credit to be settled later?
>> Thanks,
>> Lucas
>> On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 11:06, Lucas Ferreira <lucas.ferreira at owasp.org>
>>> Dear Kate and GCC Members,
>>> I am finishing the wrap-up of AppSec Brasil 2010 and, despite 
>>> several good comments from attendees, we could not bring enough 
>>> people to generate enough revenue to pay all the expenses.
>>> We will be short on around USD 3200. So, we need the Foundation to 
>>> cover the following items:
>>> Dinis' hotel (Board expenses):              USD  495 Mark's air 
>>> travel (GCC new budget):      USD  930 Mark's hotel (GCC new 
>>> budget):           USD  295 Samy air travel (Guaranteed by Dinis):  
>>> USD  750 Financial loss                                     USD 3200
>>> Total: USD 5760
>>> What can we do about it? What is the next step?
>>> Desptite the financial loss, I believe the conferece had several
>>> - we generated a lot of press (see the Portuguese version of the 
>>> page for a list os links to news about the conference)
>>> - we gathered around 100 attendees for our first paid conference
>>> - we are starting several new local OWASP chapters, that should 
>>> increase the visibility of OWASP around the country
>>> - we had some very good comments from attendees.
>>> - we could work out a plan for a Brazilian group to go to the 
>>> summit, and began talks with government officials to make it happen.
>>> Regards,
>>> Lucas
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