[Global_committee_list] Barter in Trade - Please reply with your feedback by March 9, 2012.

Helen Gao helen.gao at owasp.org
Mon Feb 27 13:49:51 UTC 2012

Hello Members of all Committees,

There are currently 5 Barter Supporters. These deals have been ad hoc.
Recently there have been a couple of new requests. Now is the time to make
this process more transparent.  This needs to be done before new barter is
accepted. The Membership Committee proposed the following. Your feedback
would be greatly appreciated. We will summerize it by March 9 and submit it
to the board in the next board meeting on March 12.

Helen Gao

Barter In Trade Supporters

   - In support of its mission OWASP Has allowed certain organizations to
   achieve Supporter status without paying the typical required annual fee of
   - To date these deals have been ad hoc and there is not a central
   location for transparent access to information about these relationships
   - This document is a DRAFT proposal for how to handle these
   relationships going forward as well as how to handle the relationships that
   currently exist...

Barter Supporter Publicity

   - Barter Supporters are presented on the main Membership page
   (https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership) alongside Organization
   - We create a new wiki page (
   https://www.owasp.org/index.php/BarterMembership) that will list the
   Barter Supporters and associated info. This will look something like:

 Organization Member Since Current Term Expires Consideration to OWASP OWASP
Requirements XYZ Security Media 2010 May 1st, 2012 1: Booths at 2011 XYZ
Media Conferences in San Francisco, New York and Paris
2: Full-page OWASP advertisement in XYZ Media conference programs

Valued at: $7500 1: OWASP provides ¼ page ads in the quarterly OWASP

Valued at: $2500

View Contract Here Acme Office Supplies 2009 September 15th, 2012 1: 10,000
2: 14 reams of paper

Valued at: $5000


   - Membership is a significant source of OWASP revenue, so Barter
   Supporters must be carefully considered and only accepted if the
   relationship with the Barter Supporter will both support (or not negatively
   impact) OWASP’s mission and if the consideration being offered justifies a
   $5000 opportunity cost.
   - Review considerations: Would OWASP use $5000 or more of cash on hand
   to pay for the consideration being offered?
      - If an office supply vendor offers to give OWASP $1M worth of
      paperclips they are probably not a great candidate to be a
Barter Supporter
      because OWASP does not need $1M worth of paperclips and OWASP
would not pay
      $5000 for $1M worth of paperclips.


   1. A possible candidate to be a Barter Supporter either approaches OWASP
   or is identified by an OWASP Committee or Board Member. Organizations that
   approach OWASP should be assigned to a Committee or Board Member and this
   Committee or Board Member is responsible for being the main point of
   contact for OWASP (“Main Contact”) as the Barter Supporter is brought
   through the process.
   2. The Main Contact works with the proposed Barter Supporter to gather
   required information: what is the supporter going to contribute, what (if
   anything) is OWASP required to contribute, what are the agreed-upon values
   of the contributions, what will the term of the membership be (typically
   one year), and what (if any) contract will be required. This will be
   compiled into a proposal.
   3. Once the information has been collected and the proposal created, it
   is passed to the Membership Committee for review.
   4. If approved by a majority vote of the Membership Committee then the
   proposal is passed to the Board for review.
   5. If approved by a majority vote of the Board then the organization can
   be considered a Barter Supporter per the terms of the proposal.

Historical Clean-Up

   - There are a number of organizations that are currently treated as
   Barter Supporters - they need to have the terms of their support compiled
   into the wiki page mentioned above along with “end dates” so that their
   Supporter status is subject to review and renewal at an appropriate time.
   They are Salesforce, BackHat, Akamai, Racksapce, Aspect Security.
   - A Board or Committee Member should be assigned to each Barter
   Supporter to help craft the historical record of the relationship. There is
   no need for approval because these deals have essentially already been
   de-facto approved. However we do need to compile a historical record.
   - This should be done before any new Barter Supporters are accepted.
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