[Global_chapter_committee] FW: OWASP Merchandise request

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Fri Oct 12 21:03:32 UTC 2012

Merchandise request -

Please see the request below from the Orange county chapter.  They are
manning a booth at the ISSA conference and are requesting roughly $1500 in
merch.  The chapter has $360.

Not sure which committee to send this to ­ chapter or conferences, but am
sending to both.  He is requesting funding for the additional items.  They
need to be sent Monday, if they are to arrive in time.

Thank you, in advance, for your prompt reply.

Kate Hartmann
+1 301-275-9403
Skype:  kate.hartmann1

From:  Sarah Baso <sarah.baso at owasp.org>
Date:  Friday, October 12, 2012 11:56 AM
To:  Shong Chong <shong.chong at owasp.org>
Cc:  Alison Schrader <alison.mcnamee at owasp.org>, Kate Hartmann
<kate.hartmann at owasp.org>
Subject:  OWASP Merchandise request

Hi Shong -
I see you submitted a merchandise request for the following items for ISSA
International Conference:

* 100 coffee mugs @ $3.35/each = $335
* 400 pens @ $.75 =  $300
* 200 rockets @ 2.00/each = $400
* 600 stickers @$.25/each = $150
* 50 Top 10 books @ $3.50/each = $175
Total for all merch $1360 + plus shipping which will probably be $100-$200

We can get the merchandise to you by Friday 10/19 (they will need to go out
on Monday), but it looks like you only have $369.50 in your chapter account
( I have cc'ed Alison to confirm).  So, you will likely need to cut back
your order significantly (Unless you are sharing this expense with the LA
chapter or something).

Also, where will you be handing these items out?  Are you staffing a booth?
I see the event was entered into OCMS:  https://ocms.owasp.org

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

Sarah Baso

OWASP Foundation

sarah.baso at owasp.org
+1.312.869.2779 <tel:%2B1.312.869.2779>

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