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It's not a rubber stamp process.  At least it shouldn't be.  The committee
is looking over resumes to verify that this is someone capable of running
the chapter in a vendor agnostic way.  We are ensuring that someone is not
trying to set up a chapter in an area where one already exists.  It also
helps the committee to be aware of new chapters that may require assistance
in the near future.


On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 10:16 AM, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

> What is the criteria for "rejection?"
> This seems like a rubber stamp process?
> On Oct 9, 2012, at 12:17 PM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>
> wrote:
> New chapter requests:
> I have received the following requests for new chapters and gathered the
> supporting documentation.  Please approve:
> 1.  South Wales:
> Hi,
> I wish to create a new OWASP chapter for the South Wales region within the
> UK. The main cities that are to be covered would consist of Swansea (where
> I am resident), Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend amongst others.
> The chapter is to be founded by myself. I am a senior security consultant
> for the NCC Group and specialise in [and is very passionate about] web
> application and mobile device security. I have over five years of related
> professional experience of which 1.5 of them is in a penetration testing
> role.
> I am a CHECK Team Leader and a CREST Certificated Tester (apps). I also
> hold a PgD and BSc[Hons] in Computer Systems Security from the University
> of Glamorgan. Further details can be found on LinkedIn:
> http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/anthony-paimany/22/b2/42b
> The reason I want to be the chapter leader is due to the fact that I
> believe strongly in the need for raising security awareness within local
> communities and the sharing of knowledge. The best ideas and projects stem
> from local peer groups of like minded individuals. South Wales has a number
> of talented professionals and hobbyists who could greatly benefit from
> being part of an organized group and together work to not just fulfill our
> own intellectual needs but to help local business become aware of the very
> real security threats. I am a confident person who is great at engaging all
> types of people and getting them passionate about web application security.
> He has acknowledged that he has read and will abide by the CLH
> 2.  Houston
> Founders: Paul Scott, Anthony Francone
> Organization: Houston OWASP Chapter
> Geography: Greater Houston
> I, Anthony Francone, would like to be an OWASP Chapter Leader to provide
> people of all skill levels the opportunites to excel in their growth,
> knowledge, networking, and OWASP core values both as a team and
> individually alike.
> I, Paul Scott, would like to be an OWASP Chapter Leader because it is
> important to me that Houstonians interested in web application security
> have a place to increase their knowledge and a community to share their
> experience with. I would like to organize OWASP meeting so I can ensure
> interesting and interactive OWASP events that will revive the OWASP
> community here in Houston.
> I, Paul Scott, have read, understand and agree to the terms within the
> Chapter Leader Handbook.
> I, Anthony Francone, have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Chapter
> Leader Handbook <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Chapter_Leader_Handbook>.
> Resume's attached
> 3.  Paraguay
> 1. List of people who are founding chapter and the geographic area to be
> covered by the new chapter,
> Answer: This initiative undertaken with the support I am of my students in
> the institute of technology LNXnetwork (which consists of students
> participating universities and companies). As for me I'm the only person
> I'm starting this initiative on their own initiative. Currently I do not
> have any support from public or private entities except LNXnetwork SRL is
> an entity owned by me.
> LNXnetwork is a company that is focused on providing services and support
> in GNU / Linux, IT Security, as well as Linux and Safety training. By
> April 2013 we will be the first private CSIRT, inviting the House Computing
> in Paraguay with ISACA (which is part) along with your Chapter Paraguay.
> The area would cover shall be to all Paraguay (although you await the
> suggestion. Asunción not want to limit myself, but get to promote
> nationwide OWASP).
> 2. Brief description of professional experience or curriculum vitae (in
> each of the founding leaders):
> Answer: I Licicenciado in Systems Analysis, University Professor,
> Consultant SAFETY OF THE LNXnetwork Information and Ownership. I'm a
> member of ISACA International LINUX.ORG.PY Founding member, Member of the
> Soka Gakkai International. Story with a long history promoting GNU /
> Linux in universities and private institutions.
> Annex my CV so they can verify my experience and references.
> 3. Statement of why he or she wants to be a leader OWASP (each of the
> founding leaders).
> Answer: In Paraguay we need an organization / entity that can promote
> OWASP Released techniques to protect computer systems. The knowledge
> provided in Paraguay is very small and has little support from the public. My
> interest is to promote 7 evangelize on information security for the general
> public, private companies, educational institutions.
> 4. Each founding leader (s) (and all leaders who joined the chapter after
> its creation) must read, understand and agree to the terms of Chapter
> Leader Manual:
> Answer: I understand, I understand and accept
> I commented that on Saturday October 13th I will be giving a lecture on
> LNXnetwork OWASP for students, students of the National University of
> Asuncion and some private entities in local LNXnetwork. This talk will be
> limited to 15 participants (due to my investment in acquiring chairs). In
> November I will be doing another talk (my goal is to acquire another 15
> chairs and complete a total of 30) to enable more people to enter the
> event. I have a local with a conference room for 40 people.
> Kate Hartmann
> +1 301-275-9403
> Skype:  kate.hartmann1
> <Anthony Francone.pdf>
> <Paul Scott.pdf>
> <Curriculum Héctor Aguirre - 2012.pdfCurriculum Hˆ©ctor Aguirre - 2012.pdf>
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