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On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 7:17 PM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org> wrote:
> New chapter requests:
> I have received the following requests for new chapters and gathered the
> supporting documentation.  Please approve:
> 1.  South Wales:
> Hi,
> I wish to create a new OWASP chapter for the South Wales region within the
> UK. The main cities that are to be covered would consist of Swansea (where I
> am resident), Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend amongst others.
> The chapter is to be founded by myself. I am a senior security consultant
> for the NCC Group and specialise in [and is very passionate about] web
> application and mobile device security. I have over five years of related
> professional experience of which 1.5 of them is in a penetration testing
> role.
> I am a CHECK Team Leader and a CREST Certificated Tester (apps). I also hold
> a PgD and BSc[Hons] in Computer Systems Security from the University of
> Glamorgan. Further details can be found on LinkedIn:
> http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/anthony-paimany/22/b2/42b
> The reason I want to be the chapter leader is due to the fact that I believe
> strongly in the need for raising security awareness within local communities
> and the sharing of knowledge. The best ideas and projects stem from local
> peer groups of like minded individuals. South Wales has a number of talented
> professionals and hobbyists who could greatly benefit from being part of an
> organized group and together work to not just fulfill our own intellectual
> needs but to help local business become aware of the very real security
> threats. I am a confident person who is great at engaging all types of
> people and getting them passionate about web application security.
> He has acknowledged that he has read and will abide by the CLH
> 2.  Houston
> Founders: Paul Scott, Anthony Francone
> Organization: Houston OWASP Chapter
> Geography: Greater Houston
> I, Anthony Francone, would like to be an OWASP Chapter Leader to provide
> people of all skill levels the opportunites to excel in their growth,
> knowledge, networking, and OWASP core values both as a team and individually
> alike.
> I, Paul Scott, would like to be an OWASP Chapter Leader because it is
> important to me that Houstonians interested in web application security have
> a place to increase their knowledge and a community to share their
> experience with. I would like to organize OWASP meeting so I can ensure
> interesting and interactive OWASP events that will revive the OWASP
> community here in Houston.
> I, Paul Scott, have read, understand and agree to the terms within the
> Chapter Leader Handbook.
> I, Anthony Francone, have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the
> Chapter Leader Handbook.
> Resume's attached
> 3.  Paraguay
> 1. List of people who are founding chapter and the geographic area to be
> covered by the new chapter,
> Answer: This initiative undertaken with the support I am of my students in
> the institute of technology LNXnetwork (which consists of students
> participating universities and companies). As for me I'm the only person I'm
> starting this initiative on their own initiative. Currently I do not have
> any support from public or private entities except LNXnetwork SRL is an
> entity owned by me.
> LNXnetwork is a company that is focused on providing services and support in
> GNU / Linux, IT Security, as well as Linux and Safety training. By April
> 2013 we will be the first private CSIRT, inviting the House Computing in
> Paraguay with ISACA (which is part) along with your Chapter Paraguay.
> The area would cover shall be to all Paraguay (although you await the
> suggestion. Asunción not want to limit myself, but get to promote nationwide
> 2. Brief description of professional experience or curriculum vitae (in each
> of the founding leaders):
> Answer: I Licicenciado in Systems Analysis, University Professor, Consultant
> SAFETY OF THE LNXnetwork Information and Ownership. I'm a member of ISACA
> International LINUX.ORG.PY Founding member, Member of the Soka Gakkai
> International. Story with a long history promoting GNU / Linux in
> universities and private institutions.
> Annex my CV so they can verify my experience and references.
> 3. Statement of why he or she wants to be a leader OWASP (each of the
> founding leaders).
> Answer: In Paraguay we need an organization / entity that can promote OWASP
> Released techniques to protect computer systems. The knowledge provided in
> Paraguay is very small and has little support from the public. My interest
> is to promote 7 evangelize on information security for the general public,
> private companies, educational institutions.
> 4. Each founding leader (s) (and all leaders who joined the chapter after
> its creation) must read, understand and agree to the terms of Chapter Leader
> Manual:
> Answer: I understand, I understand and accept
> I commented that on Saturday October 13th I will be giving a lecture on
> LNXnetwork OWASP for students, students of the National University of
> Asuncion and some private entities in local LNXnetwork. This talk will be
> limited to 15 participants (due to my investment in acquiring chairs). In
> November I will be doing another talk (my goal is to acquire another 15
> chairs and complete a total of 30) to enable more people to enter the event.
> I have a local with a conference room for 40 people.
> Kate Hartmann
> +1 301-275-9403
> Skype:  kate.hartmann1
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