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> Global Chapters Committee Members -
> Can you review the below information and give Kate and I the go ahead to
> set up Mohammed Aldoub as the new chapter leader of the Kuwait chapter
> (this is a chapter restart)?
> Thanks,
> Sarah Baso
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> Hello everyone,
> 1- My name is Mohammed Aldoub, a Computer Engineer and security
> enthusiast in Kuwait. I am developing Kuwait's national
> smartcard-based authentication gateway for all citizens, and
> developing Kuwait's Cryptographic Service provider that allows
> citizens to digitally sign and encrypt emails and documents. I also do
> independent security & privacy research & education for the public
> (usually in Twitter and my blog, Pirates of the Silicon Oasis).
> I am deeply interested in web application security, as my projects
> (authentication..etc) heavily require it. I have attached a CV for
> reference and more info.
> 2- Kuwait is lacking greatly in the field of web application security,
> both in implementation and education. Web app sec in Kuwait means
> installing firewalls! Many high-value targets are vulnerable to the
> most basic types of vulnerabilities, and therefore resolute and
> unyielding need exists to teach people about web application security.
> I am also deeply entwined in user privacy and protection, as I have
> translated many privacy technologies to Arabic (Tor project, Guardian
> project apps), and I am preparing the official Arabic Tor blog to help
> people in the Middle East protect themselves.
> Among people known in the public scene in Kuwait regarding web
> security advocation, I am fairly known in Kuwait's geekosphere, and I
> am an active practitioner of web app sec everyday, hence I decided to
> restart the OWASP Kuwait chapter.
> 3- Please find attached a photo of my written acknowledgment that I
> have in fact read the chapter handbook.
> Thank you!
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