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Wed Mar 14 19:27:22 UTC 2012

Josh, Mark, and Sarah,

Thank you for your hard work to come up with the draft.

I intend to vote No on this as the new policies are not in agreement
with my philosophy of stronger chapters. In addition, they put much
more burden on the committee members (of both committees).

I am for stronger, more independent chapters with the board and the
committees providing oversight, not routine management, to prevent bad
things from happening. The goal for the board and the committees
should not be to approve every decision by chapters.

There are items in the proposal that I disagree more strongly with,
but at this point, I won't elaborate on it, because my intent on No
vote is based on philosophical standing.


On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 11:35 AM, Josh Sokol <josh.sokol at owasp.org> wrote:
> For single-chapter events there would be two "buckets" each with a target
> amount of the chapter budget.  For multi-chapter events we just add more
> buckets for the additional chapter budgets.  Once a chapter bucket is full,
> they stop earning money from the event and the remaining amount goes to the
> Foundation.  This ensures that the Foundation and the Chapter earn money
> from the event at an equal rate.  Your example of how the funds would get
> split is correct.
> Budgets are only necessary if a chapter wants to receive money from an event
> or if they have more than $5,000 in their bank account at the end of the
> year.  This was requested by the Board in the guiding objective which states
> "We would like some sort of annual review, requirements, or rules to address
> the issue of stale chapter funds in excessive amounts" as well as "We would
> like some periodic recap on funds spent by chapters to help ensure funds are
> appointed on items aligned with the OWASP Mission".  Yes, this does add some
> additional operational work for our committee.
> ~josh
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 1:19 PM, Seba <seba at owasp.org> wrote:
>> can you explain:
>> "Profit will be split 50/50 between the foundation and the chapter up
>> until the chapter has received an amount equal to the chapter annual budget
>> amount"
>> My understanding is:
>> if in belgium we have an annual budget of € 10000, and we organize an
>> event with income resulting in a e.g. € 25000 the split would be € 15000 to
>> the foundation and €10000 to the chapter?
>> a general remark: it seems we are loading a lot of operational work on the
>> committee in reviewing local budgets?
>> --seba
>> On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 6:11 PM, Josh Sokol <josh.sokol at owasp.org> wrote:
>>> Please discuss.  We will be taking this to a committee vote for approval
>>> at the next Chapter Committee meeting next Monday, March 19th.  Please be
>>> sure to send me and Sarah your vote before that deadline if you will be
>>> unable to attend the meeting.  Thank you.
>>> ~josh
>>> On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Sarah Baso <sarah.baso at owasp.org>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Global Chapters Committee,
>>>> (Note: same email send to Conference Committee on separate thread)
>>>> In response to the guiding objectives by the board, the Conferences and
>>>> Chapter Committee Chairs have worked together to formulate some policy
>>>> changes that we believe will meet the direction of the board while allowing
>>>> chapters and the foundation to grow and innovate.  These points have been
>>>> discussed at length and now we wish to hear your input on the matter.  We
>>>> have agreed on the outlined plan below and as a result each of us will not
>>>> make comments here past clarifications to any questions any of you have to
>>>> the proposed policy.  We would like to cap the debate on this topic and take
>>>> the following to a committee vote on Monday, March 19th using a majority
>>>> approval rule for both committees in order to meet the board's 45 day
>>>> deadline.
>>>> The Global Chapters Committee shall:
>>>> ●      Manage all chapter meetings or trainings that do not charge a fee
>>>> for admission.
>>>> ●      Establish an annual budget process for all chapters
>>>> ○      At the end of each calendar year, a chapter with more than $5,000
>>>> in it's bank account must submit a budget to be reviewed by the Global
>>>> Chapters Committee to justify the rollover of any funds beyond that amount.
>>>> In the event that the chapter does not submit a budget for the remaining
>>>> funds or if any unbudgeted funds remain after December 31, the chapter will
>>>> be given one month to determine another OWASP Chapter, Committee, or Project
>>>> to allocate the unused funds toward.  If no designations are made before
>>>> February 1, then all unused funds will be transferred to the OWASP
>>>> Foundation main account.
>>>> ○      Any chapter with more than $10,000 must also obtain Board
>>>> approval for their annual budget.
>>>> ○      The Global Chapters Committee will maintain "official" budgets on
>>>> the wiki or via google docs where they are accessible to all OWASP
>>>> participants.
>>>> ○      The Global Chapters Committee will update Chapter 4 - Section 7
>>>> of the Chapter Handbook with the new budget policy.
>>>> ●      Establish by June 1st chapter spending guidelines (These should
>>>> be under Chapter 4 - Section 7.1 of the Chapter Handbook)
>>>> ●      Have the responsibility and authority for supporting and managing
>>>> all chapter meetings
>>>> ○      The Chapter Handbook authored by the Global Chapters Committee
>>>> shall serve as the single point of truth for all chapter policies
>>>> ○      The Global Chapters Committee shall set all chapter policies
>>>> The Global Conferences Committee shall:
>>>> ●      Manage all events that charge a fee for admission (voluntary
>>>> donations exempted) and any free event determined by the organizer to be a
>>>> conference versus a chapter meeting
>>>> ●      Have the responsibility and authority for supporting and managing
>>>> all events
>>>> ○      The Global Conferences Committee has the responsibility for
>>>> procuring and managing centralized assets such as, but not limited to
>>>> registration tools and financial management tools
>>>> ○      The Global Conferences Committee policy page shall serve as the
>>>> single point of truth for all event policies
>>>> ○      The Global Conferences Committee shall set all event policies
>>>> with the exception of the profit sharing policy which requires the
>>>> concurrence of the majority of the Global Chapters Committee to be modified.
>>>> ●      The OWASP Event Management System (formerly OCMS) will serve as
>>>> the single point of truth for OWASP events, AND will provide functionality
>>>> to track chapter meetings in the next release
>>>> ●      The Global Conferences Committee will revisit current event
>>>> definitions and include clear, objective definitions of event types as well
>>>> as the anticipated support level from the foundation.  These must be
>>>> approved by June 1st.
>>>> ●      The Global Conferences Committee will take a more active, direct
>>>> role in the planning the marquee foundation events (currently defined as
>>>> Global AppSec Events) including having a representative serve as Chair for
>>>> these events.  (For this, Global Conferences Committee will require a full
>>>> time support asset to handle the additional event coordination.  Without
>>>> these additional resources the conferences committee can not take on this
>>>> added responsibility and will maintain an advisory/oversight role)
>>>> ●      Any and all event policies in effect at the time of event
>>>> approval shall apply to the event without modification unless a specific
>>>> requirement to do so is set by the Board.
>>>> ●      The Global Conferences Committee will implement a policy for
>>>> managing all event funds through the foundation
>>>> ○      The OWASP foundation will provide all "seed funds" needed for
>>>> events up to the approved event budget and beyond with Global Conferences
>>>> Committee approval
>>>> ○      The Global Conferences Committee shall be responsible for the
>>>> review, approval and signature of all contracts related to events
>>>> ○      The Global Conferences Committee may provide an exception for
>>>> events with extraordinary circumstances
>>>> ○      Any event using the OWASP brand not using the Foundation to
>>>> process it's finances will be in violation of OWASP brand usage rules and
>>>> will be referred to the Board for action
>>>> ●      The Global Conferences Committee will set the following branding
>>>> rules except where it is unreasonable to do so
>>>> ○      All events must use "OWASP" in their title, such as "OWASP's
>>>> AppSec XYZ"
>>>> ○      Events may use their own logos so long as they include the OWASP
>>>> wasp (The Global Conferences Committee will manage logo approvals), color
>>>> palate is optional
>>>> ○      The OWASP logo must be present on all websites/materials, except
>>>> where it is unreasonable to do so
>>>> ○      A link back to owasp.org must be present on all
>>>> websites/materials except where it is unreasonable to do so
>>>> ●      The Global Conferences Committee sets the following event profit
>>>> sharing model for all events:
>>>> ○      At the time of approval, the Global Conferences Committee will
>>>> record the chapter's current annual budget expenditures (referred to as
>>>> chapter annual budget)
>>>>                                           ■Chapters that do not have
>>>> approved budgets shall have the chapter annual budget value set to $0
>>>>                                           ■It is the responsibility of
>>>> the chapter to plan ahead appropriately to get this budget through the
>>>> Global Chapters Committee approval process if they intend to use the event
>>>> to generate chapter revenue
>>>> ○      Profits are all monies collected for the event (regardless of
>>>> source) above the direct expenditures for the event
>>>>                                           ■Any membership registrations
>>>> as result of an event will be handled per Global Membership Committee policy
>>>> and are not considered in this equation
>>>> ○      Profit will be split 50/50 between the foundation and the chapter
>>>> up until the chapter has received an amount equal to the chapter annual
>>>> budget amount
>>>> ○      After the chapter has received an amount equal to the chapter
>>>> annual budget the Foundation shall receive 100% of the remaining profits.
>>>> ○      Any Event Losses shall be the responsibility of the Foundation
>>>> Sarah Baso on behalf of Mark Bristow and Josh Sokol
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