[Global_chapter_committee] Approval for hew chapter in Rhode Island

Sarah Baso sarah.baso at owasp.org
Tue Apr 24 19:15:44 UTC 2012

Global Chapters Committee Members -
We received the following request from  Patrick Laverty  to start a new
chapter in Rhode Island. He has provided the necessary information about
his background, reasons to start a chapter, and agreeing to the terms of
the chapter handbook. Once I have a second approval for this chapter, I
will set it up.  Thanks.

*"Hi, I am looking to start a new OWASP chapter in Rhode Island. I have
been running "Providence Web Application Security" group meetings since
April of 2011. You can see some of our past meetings on our web site at **
http://www.provwebappsec.com I think it would be mutually beneficial for my
group to affiliate with OWASP and for OWASP to have a presence in Rhode
Island. Yes, I understand that OWASP is in Boston, only about an hour away,
and Jim and Mark do an outstanding job there. However we in Rhode Island
have a mindset that anything more than a 20 minute car ride requires that
one "pack a lunch".

I did attend a number of Boston OWASP meetings and started wondering what
was the Providence App Sec community like. I looked around and saw nothing
and no one else was aware of any community in RI, so I decided to create
one. In the year we've been in existence, we've already had some great
speakers, which you can see the list here:
http://provwebappsec.info/content/speaker-list. This is an area that I'd
like to expand on, and we've even begun having some speakers present via
videoconference, which works out well for everyone.

My background is not in security. As I describe at the beginning of each of
our meetings, the reason for these meetings is completely selfish. I want
to learn more about application security so the best way to learn is from
the experts. I have been a programmer at Brown University for ten years and
was a Java instructor for Sun Microsystems before that. At Brown, I'm seen
as the liaison between our network security group and our programmers. I've
also created a "Brown Security Roundtable" group that meets once a month a
Brown to talk about all security needs of the university, and each of the
IT areas have a seat at the table. I have attended a couple SANS classes on
application security, most recently the SANS 542 with Kevin Johnson and I
attend local conferences whenever I can. More importantly, I'm very excited
to be attending my first OWASP AppSec conference in DC this week.

I have read the OWASP chapter manual and would have no problem abiding by
it. "*

Sarah Baso
OWASP Operational Support:
Conference Logistics & Community Relations

Dir: 312-869-2779
skype: sarah.baso
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