[Global_chapter_committee] Help pay for merchandise

Michael Hidalgo Fallas michael.hidalgo at owasp.org
Sat Sep 24 11:24:42 EDT 2011

Hello Global Chapter Committee

I’m the chapter leader from Costa Rica. I would like to let you know that I
will be hosting an event in Costa Rica and I will meet more than 150 people.
I was able to find support from the Costa Rican Digital Government. The
Digital Government is a combination of institutions joining efforts to make
available (using internet) public services including electricity, assurance,
and social security.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the efforts OWASP has been doing
to make visible the Web Application Security. I will try to find some
support from these important institutions.

I wonder if you could help me to pay for some business cards for this event.
I’m working with a small company in Costa Rica that would donate some money
to OWASP to support our local chapter, but the payment has not been done

Thanks for your help.

*Michael Hidalgo F.
OWASP Chapter Leader,Costa Rica.
“We are  what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then ,is not an act, but a
habit”. Aristotle.*
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