[Global_chapter_committee] Global Chapter Committee Goals for 2011 (DRAFT)

Tin Zaw tin.zaw at owasp.org
Thu Sep 22 18:40:18 EDT 2011

*Global Chapter Committee 2012 Goals*

*Global Chapter Committee Mission*

To provide the support required by the local chapters to thrive and
contribute to the overall mission and goals of OWASP.



*Associated Activities*

*Performance Metrics*

*Funding Requirements*


Operational support for chapters

·  Chapter creation

·  Reviving inactive chapters

·  Cleaning up defunct chapters

·  Service level promise (2 weeks, *proposed*) for new chapter requests

·  Bi-annual assessment of chapter activity, revive or mark inactive

·  Support staff


Chapter Leader Handbook update

·  Solicitation of comments on 2010 Chapter Leader Handbook (v.3)

·  Minor or major updates to the handbook based on the feedback from chapter

·  None


Chapter Nurturing Program

·  Shipment of OWASP merchandise to requesting chapters

·  Providing seed funding to new chapters to support their first meeting

·  Prudent use of funds

·  OWASP merchandise cost and shipping fees

·  Seed funding for the first meeting


OWASP on the Move

·  Handling of funding requests by chapters

·  Coordinating OWASP speaker tours

·  At least two OWASP speaker tours

·  Prudent use of funds

·  Speaker travel costs



Chapter leader summit

·  Chapter leader summits in AppSec conferences (at least Europe and North

·  Chapter Leader Handbook updated based on feedback from workshops

·  Face-to-face discussions between chapter leaders and OWASP staff, global
committee chairs and members

·  Workshop costs

·  Travel costs for chapter leaders without enough chapter funds


University chapter program (in cooperation with membership and education

·  Creation of university chapters

·  At least 5 university chapters created

·  Seed funding for the first meeting
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