[Global_chapter_committee] [OWASP Israel] Open positions at IBM

Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich at owasp.org
Fri Sep 2 18:30:51 EDT 2011


On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 9:40 AM, Tin Zaw <tin.zaw at owasp.org> wrote:
> I appreciate all the inputs on this issue. My thoughts are that as
> chapter leaders, we do what is best for our local chapters and
> communities. We do constantly balance sending enough information out
> via the chapter mailing list vs. sending too much out and becoming
> spam-like. Need of information and tolerance for too much information
> vary from chapter to chapter, based on local culture and taste, and
> local chapter leaders are the best to gauge and adjust as needed.
> For OWASP as a whole, as long as there is no abuse going on with of
> these mailing lists -- no "daily deals" please -- we should let
> chapter leader manage their local lists.

I believe Chapter Leader should publish their policy on their
associated wiki page then prior to accepting job posting otherwise we
will have a repeat of what happened on

We (i.e. Australia) have repurpose
https://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/owasp-australia/ as a sort of
discussion, to publish a record e.g.
with the intent of using the Chapter Mailing List for meeting
announcements only.

Christian Heinrich

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