[Global_chapter_committee] Fwd: Preparation of the EU chapter leaders workshop at AppSecEU in Dublin

Seba seba at owasp.org
Sun May 29 05:41:36 EDT 2011

FYI - sent to the leaders list and the EU chapter leaders

Hi All,

We are close to AppSecEU in Dublin.

For you who plan to participate in the chapter leaders workshop, I
have some homework to prepare!

I you cannot make it yourself, you can still have an impact by
participating in the preparation work as listed below and discussing
this in the https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-chapters
mailing list.

I propose to use the following agenda:

There are of course a whole lot of topics to be discussed, but I
wanted to be the outcome as practical and actionable as possible.

I have also aligned the agenda with the conference agenda, so people
can join one particular discussion or all of the discussions.

Items I propose to discuss are:
Handling chapter finances, for this the current chapter handbook
section to be elaborated.
I propose to use the "discussion tab" of the
section in the chapter handbook as placeholder for preparing this
Please take 5 minutes to read through the current section and write
down your experience and what you'd like to improve in the
"discussion" section.
The goal of this workshop is to have a draft chapter "Handling chapter
finances", for the chapters committee to validate and integrate in the
new chapters handbook.

Seen the success of TOP 10s, why don't we create a top 10 for chapter leaders!
Hence the workshop "Top 10 advice for new and veteran chapter leaders"
I have created a placeholder for advice items on page
Think of what works in your chapter, and note it down!
The goal of this workshop is to have a top 10 of practical advice for
novice, but also for experienced chapter leaders, ordered in
descending impact for the success of a chapter

I am convinced that cross-chapter activities will increase our impact
in Europe.
I have added a topic "How to cross-pollinate success between EU
chapters?" just for that.
Here we are looking for activities we can do together as EU chapter
leaders to improve our chapters and increase our effectiveness on a
regional level.
I have also created a placeholder in the workshop "Discussion"
section, to set 7 goals for EU chapters to be performed together and
to be accomplished by AppSecEU 2012 in Greece

Subscribe to the
https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-chapters mailing list
and participate in the preparation of this and future workshops!

Looking forward to meet you in Dublin

Thank you,

Kind regards


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