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As this is in the cross-section between membership/chapters committee:
can we have your opinion on the proposed membership model?

please see my remarks below.

Unless I am the only one with reservations on the proposed chapter supporter


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  -Tax deductibility: Made to reflect US-only
>  I don't see that: did you change it in the Google doc?

Strange.  I re-made this change.  Should be in there now.

>> -Chapter Supporter: This is something we discussed at length within the
>> Committee and this is what we came up with.  Broad discretion is still
>> deferred to the specific Chapter Leader to set sponsorship levels, etc. Does
>> the language as it exists cause you to vote "no" on implementing the updated
>> model as proposed?
> I prefer leaving out the suggested chapter levels / benefits as they are
> too pre-scriptive and will create expectations for the potential local
> sponsor. Simply direct the potential sponsor to the local chapter leader. We
> can recover the excellent suggestion as part of the chapter heandbook as
> guideline for the chapter leader.
> I also prefer to strip the 90/10% split for now. This is part of the bigger
> discussion on how to handle funds at chapter level and the chapter committee
> should have it's say and propose a model to the board.
> When the suggested levels/benefits & split are removed you can note me down
> as Yes
I place tremendous value on your input as I'm sure all the Membership
Committee folks do but this is the model that was developed by the Committee
and aside from minor corrections (ie the tax deductibility) this is what is
being proposed.


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