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Fri May 20 14:26:05 EDT 2011

I am looping in the Chapter's committee.


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From: Ofer Maor [mailto:ofer at Hacktics.com] 
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 11:49 AM
To: Kate Hartmann
Cc: Ofer Shezaf; Avi Douglen; Or Katz; Adi Sharabani; Tom Brennan
Subject: OWASP Israel Organization


Hi Kate,


Following our discussions in the summit, I am pushing forward changes in
OWASP Israel.

We had a long board meeting for OWASP Israel last Tuesday and have decided
on better distribution of responsibilities between board members, as well as
better organization of the chapter.



The Israeli board is now consisted of 5 members:

Ofer Shezaf (Chapter Founder), Avi Douglen, Or Katz, Adi Sharabani, Ofer

(Ofer S. is back to the appsec field J)

They are all cc'ed on this mail as well. If anybody wants an owasp.org mail,
please ask Kate J



Ofer S. & Avi D. will assist in mailing list moderation

Ofer S. will takeover the Wiki site 

Or K. will start Top 10 in Hebrew

We will split organizing meeting between the board members. 



We will have organized budget this year, as discussed with you previously.

By mid year we should already have Quotium, Imperva's and EY's allocation

(Do you know if EY finished their process of joining as a Corporate Member?)



We will start pushing regional and individual membership based on the new
membership model.

We would also like to be able to encourage people to participate more to get
honorary membership (sent a mail about it to GMC)



-          Speaker's Swag - we want to have some swags to give to speakers
to encourage participation. What are our options? Can OWASP help in that?

-          AppSec Israel 2011 - We're still confirming dates but should be
13/9 or 14/9 so no conflict with AppSec US. Will update you and Mark as we
go along. Can we get help in bringing a cool Key Note?  See also next
question about budget. 

-          OWASP on the Move - how much budget can we get for the AppSec
Israel event? Is it 500$ or 1000$? 





Ofer Maor

CTO, Hacktics

Chairman, OWASP Israel


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