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I have not seen enough positive reactions on my previous request concerning
the setup of an European legal entity.

To gain traction and to have OWASP Europe started by AppSecEU, I need you to
vote now (deadline Tuesday 10-May EOB).

I ask you to *vote on the principle if Yes/No you support the startup of an
European OWASP Foundation*.

Benefits are:

   - Ease of payments (IBAN-BIC numbers) within the Euro zone (less
   accounting overhead, less exchange rate risk exposure, no paypal fees,
   faster cash-in)
   - OWASP deducting / avoiding VAT in the EU (savings on
   chapter/conferences/summit costs)
   - EU people possibly being able to tax-deduct donations to an EU
   non-profit entity (extra revenue)
   - Being able to create EU standard invoices in Euro's (less accounting
   overhead, faster cash-in)
   - Potentially tap into EU/governmental budgets (extra revenue)
   - Less hassle to hire EU employees/contractors (less overhead, better
   social protection for employees)
   - Providing a governance umbrella for EU chapters/events

Upon your approval I will initiate the EU Legal entity in Belgium.
This will cost:

   - € 500 for translating the Bylaws in English (takes 3 working days)
   - € 1000 for a notary to make them official. (takes 10 working days)

We can get it done by AppSecEU, but we have to decide now.
Potential VAT deduction of the AppSecEU costs (21% on estimated € 10000)
already covers the startup costs.

Yearly book-keeper cost (quarterly VAT and one yearly fiscal declaration)
will be about € 850 / year.
We can set up Alison with an EU software package to create and follow-up on
EU invoices/ costs.

Can you send us your vote and/or questions by Tuesday 10-May EOB?



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