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I didn't want to reply to him or the leaders list. Do you see anything wrong
with a chapter leader requiring the chapter's board members to be OWASP
Members? I'm on the fence. But I'm inclined to say we should just reply
quoting the chapter resource material, e.g. "the internal affairs of a
chapter are in the hand of the chapter leadership" and "Chapters operate
independently from the OWASP Foundation, and Local Chapter leaders are
responsible for all aspects of their meetings."

OWASP is the only chapter-oriented organization I know of that lets anybody
start a chapter and call themselves the chapter leader without having any
requirements as to qualifications, membership, election, references, or even
organizing a first meeting; or requiring a reconsideration of any kind of
the chapter leader on a periodic basis. It's like a combination of domain
squatting and friendly dictatorships: If someone sees that there is no
chapter in a certain area, they can grab the 'rights' to it and name
themselves emperor for life.

Maybe requiring that chapter leaders be paid Members is a good thing or a
step in the right direction because it shows some measure of
commitment...unless maybe a person's employer pays for their membership. I
don't want to equate Membership with "$50" either, because the amount may
change and more importantly it shouldn't be about the money. (I still have
absolutely no idea why we even have the concept of paid individual
membership. It makes us very little money and it provides almost no benefit
to the individual.)

Another thing to consider is that the chapter's board's laying down its own
law. A single person has made this law, for chapter board members to have to
be Members; what if people who would like to be on the board don't like it?
They have to become Members, get elected, then try to change it so they can
stop being Members. What if the chapter's small and half of the membership
ends up being board members? What if they're all from the same company which
pays for their membership? Also, how do they determine who gets to vote?

I'm just throwing out a lot of what if's to see what people think. I guess

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 9:32 AM, John Steven <John.Steven at owasp.org> wrote:

> Kate,
> We're setting up elections in the OWASP NoVA chapter. I detest the
> notion of "Chapter President"--so I want to establish a proper chapter
> board. Taking a cue from some of Manico's board suggestions, we're
> going to establish board with the following responsibilities:
>  * Providing governance for chapter and member activities in terms
> chapter mission and OWASP code of ethics
>  * Recruiting OWASP membership
>  * Driving OWASP NoVA Chapter attendance and involvement
>  * Deferring to, facilitating, and supporting the activities and
> projects of chapter membership
>  * Eliciting, scheduling, and coordinating chapter panels, speakers,
> and other sessions
>  * Scouting, clearing, and scheduling chapter meeting venues and catering
>  * Identifying opportunities for collaboration between chapter
> membership, OWASP global committees, and other organizations
>  * Collecting and auditing use of chapter funds
>  * Voting on chapter matters
> In making membership (*1) a high priority, I feel it only fair to
> demand as an eligibility requirement that those standing as candidates
> be OWASP members in good standing. Is the individual roster (*2) the
> best way to verify membership?
> On a more general note: is this something other chapters have done?
> Are there pitfalls associated with it I perhaps haven't considered?
> -jOHN
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