[Global_chapter_committee] Minutes from March 14 Meeting

Tin Zaw tin.zaw at owasp.org
Mon Mar 14 22:48:55 EDT 2011

*1. Consolidating Chapter Leader List*

We now have three different sources of information on who the chapter
leaders are. Among these, summit fund transfer survey (that 77 active
chapter leaders responded) has the most latest info. One of the first items
on the new assistant's list would be to consolidate these pieces of
information and produce a single, master leader list.

*2. Assistant for Kate and Chapter Committee*

It looks like the Board has agreed to allocate $5,000 to hire an assistant
to help Kate and the Chapter Committee with administrative paperwork. Kate
has a few resumes. We need to help define the role, and send resumes to Kate
if we know anyone.

Action Item: Tin -- Complete job description for the assistant.

*3. Budget*

We should submit the committee budget by March 28, a week before the board's
meeting on April 4. Here is our budget proposal (in prioritized list).

   1. OWASP on the Move -- $10,000 (refer to OotM wiki page)
   2. Chapter Leaders Summits (at Dublin, Minneapolis and possibly Porto
   Alegre) -- $15,000
   3. Local Chapter Nurturing Program -- $10,000 (to help new and newer
   chapters with supplies, sponsorship for initial meetings, etc.)
   4. OWASP Student Chapter Support -- $10,000 (funds to kickstart student
   chapter program, to be coordinated with Membership and Education

Action Item: Tin -- Budget proposal draft by March 21.
Action Item: Committee Members -- Review and provide feedback by March 26.
Action Item: Tin -- Submit budget to the board by March 28.

*4. Inactive Chapter Cleanup *

We can put chapters into three categories.

   1. Chapters that responded to summit funds transfer survey, and are
   2. Chapters that responded to summit funds transfer survey, but inactive
   3. Chapters that did not respond

Categories 1 and 2 represent 77 chapters. We have a few chapters that had
technical reasons in responding to the survey. We will address them one by

For chapters in Category 3, we will mark them as inactive, as we did for
Austria chapter, will start the process to reclaim their funds, and solicit
for new leaders.

Action Item: Kate -- Mark chapters in Category 3 as inactive.
Action Item: Kate -- Start reclaim process of chapter funds. Proposal -- If
the funds are less than $200, reclaim automatically; more than $200, discuss
at next committee meeting.
Action Item: Matt -- Check with Larry or write a script if necessary for
scraping chapter leader data from Wiki.
Action Item: Tin -- Send out proposal to vote for reclaiming funds.
Action Item: Matt -- Propose how to shut down a chapter.

Kate also brought up the concern about a chapter. We will discuss it via
confidential mailing list.

*5. Chapter Leader Handbook Update*

We need to fulfill the board's request (from Tom B.)

"can your team put your heads together and provide a milestone/ETA on this
being completed as a core item of the committee -  April?"

I believe he asked ETA by April. This should be on our short term goal list.

*If I missed anything else, please let me know.*

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