[Global_chapter_committee] Appropriate subject?

Stevens, Teresa ExSi at pge.com
Wed Jun 29 13:40:36 EDT 2011

Hi Everybody,

I have a couple of questions to ask the list about penetration testing. But, first I wanted to check with you to make sure it is OK to do this.

1. Does your company have an internal penetration testing team? Or do you outsource all your penetration testing?
2. Do you think outsourcing penetration testing is a good option?
3. How many internal penetration testers do you think would be appropriate for a large company (more than 20,000 employees) processing more than 400 development projects per year?


Teresa Stevens, MCPM, MSIA, CISSP
Information Security Specialist
InfoSec, ISTS
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale Street, Room 2605A
Mail Code B26S
San Francisco, CA 94105
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