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Thanks for kickstarting the chapter finance discussion. In this email, I
will focus on reimbursable expenses and hardware. I will start another
thread for chapter finances (

On reimbursable expenses -- or appropriate use of funds -- we should expand
the list of reimbursable items.

But before that, we should make it a policy and practice that *all chapter
finances are subject to OWASP policies and ethics, as well as common-sense,
fiscal responsibility and good judgement*. In other words, *funds are to be
used for advancing OWASP mission in a prudent (and frugal?) manner*.

We should add "Administrative support for the chapter", or expand "Promotion
of a meeting" to "Managing  and promoting chapter activities" which includes
administrative support.

As for the hardware, how about this policy? *Hardware* -- computing
equipment, audio visual equipment, etc. -- *is owned by the Foundation but
dedicated for use by the chapter that funds it for its useful life*. If a
chapter dissolves and has some hardware, it must be returned to the
Foundation. For tax purposes, we could depreciate it within whatever the
allowable period is (2 years?). Fully depreciated equipment can be disposed
or continued to use at the chapter's discretion.

Does the Foundation need to track the hardware assets? If so, the chapters
should be required to report (via Google Spreadsheet, for example) the
status of the hardware including depreciation.

I think it sounds good for US chapters, but I don't know what the
complications are for international chapters and chapters under European
Foundation. I need help and comments from our international committee

The question of if the hardware is needed, yes it is. Many times, we use our
own equipment or borrowed equipment (such as the host organization's) for
our hardware need. For example, I have been using my personal spare laptop
for many of the OWASP activities -- most chapter meetings and AppSec
conference -- until it died recently. It came in very useful when a keynote
speaker at AppSec conference got her laptop stolen. (BTW, I requested a
reimbursement for a laptop because my personal spare laptop I was using for
OWASP purposes died, and I thought it will be good use of LA chapter's
funds. LA Board agreed too). We could also use things like video camera to
record meetings -- some members requested it -- but we held on to this idea
because we do not have time for post-production work.

Committee members, please share your thoughts.

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 12:46 PM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>wrote:

> During the last Chapter Committee Call, the topic of the Finance Section of
> the Handbook and it’s impending update was discussed.  The date for this to
> be completed was set as July 11 (for the Board Meeting).
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Chapter_Handbook:_Managing_Money ****
> ** **
> We are seeing some reimbursement requests for items that do not fall within
> the current reimbursement guidelines:****
>    - (Meeting venue rental. ****
>    - Refreshments for a meeting. ****
>    - Promotion of a meeting. ****
>    - Travel for speakers.****
> And I believe that we need to clarify what might be considered
> appropriately reimbursable items/services.  We need to include contracting
> services (as are currently in place in NY and LA) and be sure to include
> other support systems for chapters.  One reimbursement request is for
> hardware.  With a request for equipment, the issue of proprietary and
> depreciable Foundation Equipment arises.  If the Foundation reimburses for
> the hardware, then it essentially belongs to the Foundation, even though the
> funds are “chapter funds.”  Since we are 99.9% volunteer organization, how
> do you suggest we manage this?  Also, since we are all in the computer
> industry and most of our work is done via the internet on the wiki, can we
> approve a hardware purchase for use by a volunteer?****
> ** **
> I want to be sure we clarify this, and other situations.  Sarah, I’m not
> sure that we are the best people to decide what is appropriate for chapter
> support since neither one of us are chapter leaders.  ****
> ** **
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