[Global_chapter_committee] OWASP Hyderabad Chapater- India Issue

shalem raj gshalemraj at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 02:14:13 EDT 2011

Hi Team,
         This is Shalem Raj G (OWASP individual member),working as an
Information Security Specialist for Cognizant Technology Solutions,
Hyderabad, India.

This mail is to help us in resolving the OWASP Hyderabad Chapter issue.

*ISSUE: Chapter leader is inactive and missing from past 3+ years.*
We are running the chapter from past 3 years and we don't have a leader. we
have a consistent team.(Please check the mailing list of OWASP Hyderabad

Leader never responds back and nobody knows who is the leader.Because of
which we are loosing the enthusiasm within our chapter.

We are not bothered about the leader or there is no rush ro become a leader
for any of us (Chapter member and attendees). But to take responsibility and
to give the Hyderabad chapter a identity is the major issue.

We wrote several mails to *Kate *and for few of them she even responded back
and promised to sort the issue. But later what had happened we are not sure
but she never replied.

Please help our chapter to get the identity. We are strong enough both
financially as well as team wise to maintain our chapter and get recognition
globally.We have support of local government and politicians also.

We have a huge support from corporates. But with out the identity of the
chapter and without representatives for the chapter going to a corporate or
an university is too difficult.

Please help us or tell us how to resolve the issue.


*Security Specialist*  | Global Information Security <https://gis/>

+91-40-4451 4444 Ext: 1681 |   681681 | +91 9000583789
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