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In relation to the Chapter Supporter being able to display their logo
on the respective Chapter web page, can this be extended to the owner
of the venue where the meeting is held (i.e. for "free" as in beer)?

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Dear Chapter Leaders,


Over the past few months, the Global Membership Committee has
established a new type of OWASP Membership, designed to cater for the
needs of Chapters, called “Chapter Supporter”.

The idea behind this is to allow Chapters to bring local support for
local events, while offering support levels which can fit smaller
organizations, such as local service providers, consulting firms, etc.
These type of organizations may feel a 5000$ Global Supporter expense
is too high and possibly irrelevant for a localized organization. It
can also fit local branches of global supporters which want stronger
presence in local chapter events.

The Chapter Supporter allows you to raise smaller amounts of money (up
to 2000$), for local events and expenses. The management of the
billing and funds is still done via OWASP, making it very easy to use
and drive.

What is Chapter Supporter

A Chapter Supporter is an organization that wishes to donate up to
2000$  per year to support the local chapter activities. The supporter
benefits from having their logo on the Chapter’s website, as well as a
single supporting member vote. Most importantly, the supporter may
gain additional benefits relevant to the activities of the chapter (as
long as they are in line with OWASP policies).

As a thumb rule, The GMC suggests 500$ as Silver supporter, 1000$ as
Gold and 2000$ as Platinum. In order for this model to fit the local
chapters, however, it is up to the Chapter Leader to define the
different tiers and their cost (though, minimum amount should not be
lower than 250$).

Please note that if you establish this model with your Chapter, if a
Global Supporter chooses to allocate their 40% to your local Chapter –
this is considered to be their Chapter Support as well. Note also that
Global Supporters may choose to split their 40% between two to four
separate chapters.

How Does it Work?

Very easily. Once you identified relevant prospects, the easiest way
for them to pay is through the web site with a credit card. You can
find all relevant information in the Membership page – just hit the
“Donate” button and follow the process.


For organizations that are unable to work with credit card, you will
need to contact Kate/Alison to organize a wire transfer. In any case
you should not, under any circumstances, take cash directly from

Once payment is done – You will see the funds added to your chapter’s
budget in the Donation Scoreboard page

Do note that a small part of the Support will go to the OWASP
Foundation to support the management of this model.

IMPORTANT - It is YOUR responsibility as a chapter leader to provide
your supporters with their benefits.

Case Study: OWASP Israel 2011

We have started running this model in OWASP Israel over the last 3
months. The main benefit we are providing is sponsorship of our annual
conference (or rather “OWASP Day”). The OWASP Israel annual conference
is a one-day two-track conference with over 200 attendees (free
admittance). This event is the main cost of OWASP Israel, and the main
drive for sponsorship. What we offer our sponsors is to have their
logo on all conference publications and get a stand (“booth” style) in
the conference foyer which is where all breaks take place.

Using this incentive, over the last two months, we raised 12 sponsors
(and still waiting on a few more confirmations). Most are paid
sponsorships (500$/Silver, 1000$/Gold), while some offer
cash-equivalents (for instance, our academic sponsor is providing the
venue, another sponsor will do all the badges, a third sponsor will
take care of publicity, etc.).

It is important to note that we maintain a very strict policy of
separating content selection from sponsorship. We make it very clear
to any sponsor that talks are selected only via the CFP process, and
sponsoring the event will not grant any privileges.

You can take a look at
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Israel_2011 to see the list of

Diving a bit into the sponsors, you can see some recognizable names,
while others are not familiar. Four of the sponsors (hopefully a fifth
will confirm in the next few days) are local consulting firms. They
have no interest in becoming anything more than that, and this model
has helped substantially. Another three, are global organizations with
a strong presence in Israel. To these organizations we were able to
present the model, and get them to allocate half of their Local
Chapter allocation (i.e. 20% of their Global Support fee) to the
chapter. The rest are global companies (some who are already OWASP
supporters and others who are not) which have local activities and
their regional sales/marketing saw the benefit in this sponsorship.


The new Chapter Supporter model was designed by the Global Membership
Committee to facilitate you, Chapter Leaders, with a new (and well
formed) way to raise more funds for your local activities. Keep in
mind this is more of a framework then it is a concise model. You are
free to change and adapt this model to fit your needs.

If any of you have any questions, feel free to contact Kate, myself or
any other GMC member.

Ofer Maor




Global Membership Committee, OWASP

Chairman, OWASP Israel

Office: +972 (9) 9565840

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ofermaor

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Christian Heinrich


Christian Heinrich
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