[Global_chapter_committee] Welcome to the OWASP Bolivia Chapter!

Sarah Baso sarah.baso at owasp.org
Thu Dec 1 13:08:46 EST 2011

Dear Israel and Luis,

Welcome and thank you for joining OWASP. You now have access to moderate
your chapter’s mailing list and your chapter¹s page has been updated to
include your information.

Link to your chapter wiki page:

If you have not already created an account on our wiki site (which can be
used to edit your chapter's wiki page), please do so using the following

Some useful Links:
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Chapter_Leader_Handbook (A new version of
the Chapter Handbook will be available after the first of the year.  If you
would like to give input in our draft before then, please login to your @
owasp.org account and go to


Your mailing list has been created and functional. You should have received
the administrative password in a separate email. You will be responsible
for moderation of your list.  If additional moderators need to be added to
your list, please feel free to add them as needed.  Should a post need to
be moderated, you will receive a email (at your OWASP email address) from
your list requesting approval.

When a person is listed as an administrator of a mailing list they will
receive all email sent to the owasp leader's list.  Please add all
(additional) chapter leaders to the administrative area on the mailing list
so that they will receive timely communication from the community.

Link to your Mailing List:

You have also been added to the OWASP-chapters mailing list so that you can
discuss ideas with the other chapter leaders. Please send a message to
introduce yourself to everyone! Owasp-chapters at lists.owasp.org

As a chapter leader and for your contribution to the application security
community, we have provided you with a OWASP email account. This account
will allow you to communicate with community and represent OWASP at the
same time. In addition, since our email is part of the Google Apps *
israel.rosales at owasp.org* and* luis.rosales at owasp.org*. You should have
already received your login credentials.

I have also added your chapter to our OWASP Chapters Around the World page.

Should you need assistance with your mailing list or making changes on
OWASP, feel free to contact us anytime at webmaster at owasp.org.

Also I am available for any questions.

Regards and thanks again for your energy in getting this chapter up and

Sarah Baso

Administrator for
OWASP Global Conference Committee
OWASP Global Chapter Committee

Dir: 312-869-2779
skype: sarah.baso
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