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Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich at owasp.org
Mon Apr 25 20:41:39 EDT 2011


On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 9:45 PM, Justin Clarke <justin.clarke at owasp.org> wrote:
> That particular discussion never went to the board - as it was only discussed in committee and it was decided that we weren't going to interfere with local chapter events (which these are usually) and we didn't take it any further (note - OCC archives are here https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-connections-committee). In these cases any costs would have been paid by a chapter.

is a "private" mailing list i.e. I can't see the archive - can you
open it up?

> As an aside - this is exactly the type of thing that Chapter funds could be used for. As opposed to trying to get extraordinary funding, can you get someone to sponsor the attendance, and/or get an OWASP organisation member for the Chapter? Then the chapter can use these funds directly, within limits, to support local initiatives. Getting extraordinary funding is going to be challenging in the devolved model (Committees with budgets instead of the Board holding the budget) as I'm not sure how much of this is in place in advance of the forthcoming Board elections etc.

The Australian Chapters are much smaller as we do not have the
population of the rest of the world i.e. ~24M hence their donation
scoreboard is much lower.

In early 2010, I tried twice to solicite both the Chapter Leaders for
Sydney and Melbourne to become OWASP "Organizational Supporter", Aside
from John Paul Lonie, who is an end user i.e. ComputerShare,
SIFT/stratsec (who have sponsored http://www.iia.net.au/, etc) were
willing to consider the investment if the Sydney Chapter met at
regularly which it hasn't since July 2010.  Not surprisingly, those
Chapter Leaders who have exploited OWASP for their own commercial gain
never replied.

I have these threads in archive which I can recover when I return from
overseas, etc from 17 May.  That stated, Alison Sharder might be able
to search her @owasp.org e-mail for this correspondance?

I tend to avoid being sponsored by .au companies because in the past
they have tried to leverage my reputation for their own gain.

Christian Heinrich

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