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Regarding your question, Kate, what do you mean?

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On 04/13/2011 08:23 AM, Kate Hartmann wrote:
> We are aware of the problems that arise with international finances  
> It is, indeed, a challenge.
> We are currently in the process of establishing an entity in EU to 
> address these issues in this area and are not opposed to doing the 
> same in different regions.
> For Brazil and Asia, specifically, who should I contact to discuss the 
> details?
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> Hi guys,
> Gustavo brought up a good point during Tuesday call regarding money 
> transfers between the US and some countries, especially those in Latin 
> America and Asia.
> To quote the minutes:
> "GB noted that there is a significant problem in Brazil (as well as 
> other countries in SA/LA) regarding international funds transfers. He 
> wondered if OWASP could look into setting up a Non-profit foundation 
> in Brazil to handle expenses/fund transfers related to the local 
> chapters as well as conferences. SB to discuss this with KH and other 
> OWASP personnel and get back to GB on the issue."
> I have been thinking along the same lines too, especially how a 
> chapter, or a conference, in China would run with their funds managed 
> by the Foundation in the US -- actually, they can't, and they don't.
> I think we should realize this fact, and start to discuss how funds 
> are handled internationally. This could lead to organization structure 
> changes, etc.
> Please give some thoughts to it. Please reach out to chapter leaders 
> in different parts of the world that you have relationships with and 
> ask for their challenges and opinions.  While not urgent, we should 
> discuss this at one of the monthly meetings.
> Thanks.
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