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Tin Zaw tin.zaw at owasp.org
Sun Apr 10 23:57:49 EDT 2011

FYI for the committee members. I have discussed these with Kate. Sarah
will report directly to Kate but will support our committee. Please CC
Kate on requests we make to Sarah.

Let me know directly if you have questions/concerns.

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From: Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 7:50 AM
Subject: Sarah and the Chapter's committee
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Tin, just to make sure we are all together, Sarah Baso will be working
to support the Chapters committee.  Sarah currently supports the
Industry committee and the Conferences committee, so it makes perfect
sense to loop her in with the chapter’s initiatives as well.

She will definitely help to facilitate meetings and keep the committee
pages current and up to date.  Aside from this ongoing responsibility,
I would like to have her help bring some structure to the way we
manage our chapters.  I am looking at the following lofty Q2/Q3 goals:

Revise and maintain the “master chapter list” according to an agreed
upon format and location

Create and maintain a “chapter leader directory” according to an
agreed upon format and location

Maintain and manage a process for chapters to request assistance.
(the Conferences committee uses an online request form and I’m
wondering if we can’t use something like that)

Assist with the integration of data from Reg Online to Salesforce and
back.  (this should flow into all the other pieces of chapter

The Committee would be responsible for contacting and determining
active/inactive chapters and status updates, but this will provide the
framework in which the committee can operate.

If you agree with these assignments, I would like to go ahead and set
up an action plan to make these things all happen.  Since I have
responsibility to maintain the integrity of our data within these
programs (salesforce and regonline) as well as the responsibility to
protect our chapter leaders privacy (access to personal data) I would
like Sarah to take direction and report progress and problems to me
with an indirect report to the Chapter’s committee.

What do you think about this plan?  Why don’t you give me a call so we
can discuss?

Kate Hartmann

Operations Director



Skype:  Kate.hartmann1

Chapter Leader and President, OWASP Los Angeles Chapter
Chair, OWASP Global Chapter Committee
Google Voice: (213) 973-9295
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