[Global_chapter_committee] New OWASP Community Site

Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Wed Apr 6 11:17:17 EDT 2011

Hey Global Chapter Committee,

Matt Tesauro asked me to reach out to you guys to let you know about the new
POC site that I am running as an OWASP community site.  Right now you can
find it at http://myowasp.ning.com, but I am working to get
http://my.owasp.org to point to it as well.  The site uses Ning as the
backend, but has been branded to look like an OWASP site.  The Austin OWASP
Chapter has been using a Ning site for a while now with much success and
after speaking with Matt, it made a lot of sense to extend the POC to the
rest of the organization.

For individual chapters, there is a lot of benefit to using this site.  It
provides groups within our main OWASP site that we can use for individual
chapters (4 have created their own grousp already), committees, etc.  Within
each of those groups, chapters have the ability to create forums, manage RSS
feeds, and send messages to the group.  From the main site, we have the
ability to create forums and blogs, create event invitations, and even live
chat with eachother.  It's pretty sweet.

Based on my relationship with a couple of the other Texas chapter leads,
I've already reached out to them to start using it.  I also sent a message
out to the OWASP Leaders list.  I'm wondering if this is something that you
could help advertise to chapter leads and see if we can get more chapters
active in this POC.  The more, the merrier.  Thanks!


Josh Sokol
Austin OWASP
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