[Global_chapter_committee] GCC Meeting Minutes - 16th November 2010

Seba seba at owasp.org
Sun Dec 5 13:11:38 EST 2010

I have put this online on the wiki and updated the monthly overview for the
board call tomorrow.
I propose we all advance on the current tasks at hand an prepare for the
next meeting on Dec 28?


On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 6:27 PM, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org>wrote:

> Hi there,
> Minutes
> Present
>  - AJV arrived at 3 AM.
>  - Seba and Kate joined at 3.25 AM.
> Absent
>  - Matthew Chalmers
>  - Puneet Mehta
>  - Mandeep Khera
> On a personal note, after making the effort to wake in the middle of the
> night especially for this meeting, I found the lack of attendance extremely
> disappointing. At 3.25 am with no one around, I was on my way back to bed
> until Seba called. I've not been completely stood up for a meeting since
> 1999. Let's try to do better for the next meeting. I'm glad that Seba and
> Kate made the meeting, and hope that we have more folks for the next one.
> *ACTION*: Kate to organize another meeting for the last Tuesday in
> November to carry over items from this meeting, inviting more folks - the
> existing folks from tonights meeting + Kate's suggestions from other regions
> (Antonio Fontes (Geneva), Carlos Serrero (Portugal), Wagner Elias
> (Brazil), Sebastian Gioria (France), Mohd Fazili Azran (Malaysia), Helen
> Gao). This should be held at 1 PM London time so that I don't have to get up
> at 3 am. Kate, please advertise the meeting to both GCC and leaders mail
> lists.
> Seba confirmed that AJV is on the GCC. Thank you! :)
> Seba notes that we need more new members on the GCC, so should open up the
> search to the leaders mail list as well.
> *ACTION:* Advertise on the leaders list that we need more GCC members.
> Preferably with the above meeting invite, or if not separately. AJV to
> confirm that this has happened, or to do it if it hasn't.
> (I'm paraphrasing this discussion) Folks who have historically been a part
> of the GCC but have not been recently active - GCC needs to consider their
> position in light of inactivity, certainly within six months or so.
> AJV talked about OWASP Melbourne, noting that a change of leadership is in
> progress. I will report back next meeting on if this is complete.
> AJV talked about getting a database of potential speakers up and going, so
> chapter leaders can find folks to come talk to them, and vice versa. Kate
> noted that Samy Kamkar did this in EU recently with 10 talks in two weeks.
> Kate talked about new chapter organization tool to help with scheduling of
> chapter. Sounds exciting. In contractual negotiations at the moment. Let's
> hope it comes off! :)
> House cleaning needs to be postponed until we've had a chance to get more
> GCC members up, but Charlottesville has been noted as being inactive.
> *ACTION*: AJV to make Charlottesville wiki pages go inactive.
> *ACTION*: GCC to consider a mechanism to find inactive chapters and mark
> them as such. Need to discuss next meeting.
> Virtual chapter tour - Seba talked about having regional chapter leaders
> meetings via Skype or so to help listen to chapter leaders and work out what
> works for the high performing chapters, and help the others organize
> successful and regular meetings, and foster a local community that is self -
> sustaining.
> *ACTION*: GCC to make announcements of virtual chapter leader meetings
> region by region in Q1 2011. Announcements for this should be before end of
> 2010, so as to maximize participation. Take feedback from meetings to
> improve overall chapter processes.
> Seba. Prepare for the summit in February in Portugal. Organize for max
> chapter leader participation, both physical and virtual.
> Postponed discussion on road map as not enough GCC members in the meeting
> to discuss or allocate responsibilities.
> *Future Business (i.e. future agenda items)*
> *
> *
> *1. Discuss inactive GCC members*
> *2. Finding more GCC members - open search to leaders list *
> *3. Kate - can we reorganize the chapter page to be geographically
> organized? *
> *4. Discuss road map*
> *5. House cleaning - how to find inactive chapters and mark them inactive.
> Corollary - how to help chapters on the brink of being inactive. *
> *6. OWASP Summit prep. *
> *7. Finalize arrangements / make announcements for virtual chapter leader
> tours in Q1 2011*
> thanks,
> Andrew
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