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Just send a mail to Martin to ask for clarification + added
I also want to point you to the Chapter rules (
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Chapter_Rules) and code of ethics at


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Seba, Committee,

The mailing list announcement is here:

I've provided a translated version to Kate, which might have reached you or
not. For sake of
completeness, I post the details again here, along some extra


Apparently, it all started as an Andres Riancho initiative to give a series
of w3af talks at the
Club de Programadores building so it's only the venue and a little bit of
promotion at their website
and using their typical mass mailing system. I'm not aware of any
food/beverages supply, nor what
the OWASP Argentina real involvement is, except for Martin taking part of
the talk to mention the
OWASP Top-10 (see below for more details).

Andres then decide to tell Martin Tartarelli about the talk, to see if he
wanted to do it with him.
They announced it yesterday, and the talk is next Monday, March 16th.

The announcement email is this (I'll translate):

El lunes 16-03-09 Junto con Andrés Riancho daremos una presentación de
seguridad web en el club de programadores (Entre Ríos 166, CF). Se
trataran temas de Protocolo HTTP, OWASP, Vulnerabilidades y la
herramienta W3af.
Están todos invitados....la entrada es libre y gratuita.


Mailing List,
On Monday 16-03-09 along with Andres Riancho we will be giving a talk on web
security at the Club de
Programadores (address). We will talk about HTTP Protocol, OWASP,
Vulnerabilities and the w3af tool.
You are all invited. It's free.



In the link, the only two mentions of OWASP is the 'OWASP Top-10' as one of
the Objectives of the
talk. The only reference is in the paragraph about Andres Riancho himself:
"Andrés ha hablado y
dictado trainings en numerosas conferencias de seguridad alrededor del
mundo, tales como OWASP World
C0n (USA), CanSecWest (Canada), T2 (Finland) y ekoparty (Buenos Aires)."
(Andres has spoken and
given training courses in several security conferences worldwide, such as
the OWASP World COn (USA),
CanSecWest (Canada), T2 (Finland) and ekoparty (Buenos Aires).".

OWASP Argentina is not mentioned, neither is Martin Tartarelli.

I explained to Andres via private eMail that involving OWASP without a
in-list discussion was a bad
idea, and that we don't want one of the FIRST things OWASP Argentina does in
the local community to
be an ad-hoc mention in a non-OWASP talk hosted (i.e venue) with a spamming
company. He agreed to
his mistake. I acknowledged the fact my crude answer on-list was out of
place and apologized

> Also, w3af is not an OWASP project, so we can only react on this if the
> meeting you mention is related to OWASP.

OWASP is related because w3af's Andres invited Martin to give a talk
alongside him, as OWASP.

> Can we contact Martin with your complaint?

As you prefer. Martin replied he didn't see the issue at all. I'm not aware
of any further action
from him.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance clarifying the concerns.

Yours truly,

Seba wrote:
> Hi Arturo,
> We appreciate your concern.
> I don't see this meeting on the OWASP Argentina web site (or announced
> on the mailing list - but I don't understand everything there: it's in
> Spanish).
> Also, w3af is not an OWASP project, so we can only react on this if the
> meeting you mention is related to OWASP.
> Can we contact Martin with your complaint?
> regards
> Seba
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org
> <mailto:kate.hartmann at owasp.org>> wrote:
>     Arturo, I am copying the chapter committee on your comments.
>     Forgive me, but when you say the meeting is "hosted" could you be a
>     bit more
>     detailed?  Is it the venue, food, promotion, all of the above?
>     Kate Hartmann
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> Dear kate, Paulo, Dinis:
>        I'm worried about the direction the argentinian OWASP chapter is
> taking. A w3af talk is gonna be
> hosted by an argentinian 'education' company called 'Club de
> Programadores'
> (Programmer's Club). The
> company is a well known spammer, with mafia-like resemblances. Any
> attempt
> to contact a person
> within the organization is answered with a phone insult (insults,
> really.
> like in f**k, etc).
>        It's good for OWASP to give talks, yes, but I really believe
> a Host
> should be discussed within the
> chapter's mailing lists.
>        This was a decision taken unilaterally by Martin Tartarelli and
> Andres Riancho, without no prior
> discussion on the OWASP Argentina Mailing List.
>        I replied very crudely to the talk announcement, and I deeply
> regret
> that, but the Club de
> Programadores has been spamming people for the past 8 years, and
> some people
> are really sick of it.
>        Sincerely,

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