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Arturo, I am copying the chapter committee on your comments.

Forgive me, but when you say the meeting is "hosted" could you be a bit more
detailed?  Is it the venue, food, promotion, all of the above?  

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Dear kate, Paulo, Dinis:

	I'm worried about the direction the argentinian OWASP chapter is
taking. A w3af talk is gonna be
hosted by an argentinian 'education' company called 'Club de Programadores'
(Programmer's Club). The
company is a well known spammer, with mafia-like resemblances. Any attempt
to contact a person
within the organization is answered with a phone insult (insults, really.
like in f**k, etc).

	It's good for OWASP to give talks, yes, but I really believe a Host
should be discussed within the
chapter's mailing lists.

	This was a decision taken unilaterally by Martin Tartarelli and
Andres Riancho, without no prior
discussion on the OWASP Argentina Mailing List.

	I replied very crudely to the talk announcement, and I deeply regret
that, but the Club de
Programadores has been spamming people for the past 8 years, and some people
are really sick of it.


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