[Global_chapter_committee] chapter financials - basic rules?

Seba seba at owasp.org
Sat Aug 8 01:57:01 EDT 2009


While in the past chapter leadership was simply a mail towards the board (or
Jeff), we see it gets more complicated with boards.
Up till the beginning of this year, the only 'advantage' an chapter leader
had, was the mailing list management password.
Other people can/could organize chapter meetings on their own (although I
have not seen this).
Now financials start the play a role: the local chapter board has to have a
say in the chapter spendings.
We need some minimal rules for that.
expenses should be authorized by the local board (with a trace of board
meeting minutes)
the local board should have one assigned person to keep track of expenses
and authorizations (treasurer)
expenses should be to support the local chapter, in line with the owasp
foundation goals, code of ethics and principles


I propose to think about this and discuss it during our upcoming GCC
conference call end of August.

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