[GPC] OWASP Global Projects Committee Looking for Graphic Design

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Tue Sep 20 11:57:50 EDT 2011


The GPC is looking for quick and simple web design for two pages on our new
Projects Portal.

This design work is separate and independent from the work that Rory McCune
is leading to improve the design of the main OWASP website.

As our projects portal is hosted on SourceForge's infrastructure, there are
some graphical layout restrictions that do not apply to the main website. We
are also looking simply for something simple and quick for a layout design -
not a fully fleshed out theme with code, stylesheets, etc. We are therefore
pursuing this separately :)

We are using 99designs.com for the design process. Please share with anyone
you think may be interested in participating:

OWASP Global Projects Committee Chair
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