[GPC] Changing the OWASP ModSecurity CRS Licensing

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com
Wed Mar 30 15:34:48 EDT 2011

As long as all the copyright owners agree to the change, there should be no problem.  For some projects, this may be a lot of people, which makes changing licenses practically impossible.  But if there have only been a few contributors, then no problems.


OWASP just requires that the software and documentation be released under one of the approved open source licenses.  We leave it to project owners to decide what license is the best for their project.





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As far as I know this is the first time that an OWASP project leader raises this question. I guess there is no problem but I am carbon copying our Global Projects Committee for us to see whether they have any other input. I thank you for consulting with us.


Please keep up the good work,  



- Paulo



Paulo Coimbra,

OWASP Project Manager <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Paulo_Coimbra> 


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Subject: Changing the OWASP ModSecurity CRS Licensing


Hey Paulo,

I have a question for you with regards to the OWASP ModSecurity CRS Project - we want to change the licensing from GPLv2 to Apache Software License v2 (ASLv2).  Are there any official processes that I need to do or can I simply make this change as the project leader?


Please advise.


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