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We've applied to be part of the Google SoC in the past but were not


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> I don't know if this would be of interest but to quote
> http://nmap.org/soc/
> "Web scanning specialist
> This position is perfect for a budding web guru with intimate
> knowledge and interest in web-related standards and protocols,
> particularly HTTP and HTML. SSL, Javascript, CSS, and XML are
> important too. An understanding of common web vulnerabilities such as
> SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) will also help. Tools to
> look at for inspiration include Burp Suite and w3af. Nmap already has
> quite a few HTTP scripts that you can find on the NSEDoc Portal, but
> many of them could use improvement and they only scratch the surface
> of possible scripts. The web has grown to dominate the Internet, so it
> is crucial that Nmap have solid web scanning capabilities."
> Also, aside from lcamtuf is there a reason as to why OWASP does not
> have a similar relationship to Google?
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