[GPC] Start the Clock - Project Hosting Budget Approved

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Tue Mar 8 18:54:43 EST 2011


Quick note from the Board meeting (I'll try and do a more thorough report

Our budget request for the Project Hosting initiative has been approved! (If
you haven't already read the budget proposal, do so:

Our remaining requests will be considered, in tandem with the requests of
the other committees, at the next Board meeting. Not all of the committees
have had a chance to meet and put together a budget proposal since the
Summit and the Board would like to take those requests into consideration
before deciding on how to spend the limited OWASP budget.

As stated in our budget proposal, we laid out a very specific timeline to
utilize our budget. Step 1 is:

> Within 30 days of budget approval, reach out to project hosting service
> providers with the finalized RFP. The GPC will target no fewer than four (4)
> potential providers to ensure that we are viable alternatives and close the
> request period 60 days following the initial RFP.

What does that mean? We have 30 days (April 7th) to:
* Finalize the RFP requirements
* Identify at least four commercial or independent service providers to
target (we've already talked about targeting SourceForge, Google, and
contracting out a customized solution leveraging our RackSpace agreement)
* Make personal outreach efforts to said providers
* Publish open RFP through standard OWASP outlets

That will leave at least a 30 day period (ending May 7th) for providers to
provide a response.

The GPC is now officially on the clock - let's make sure we knock this out
of the park!

I'd like to propose the following timeline:

*March 11th*:
* Create Wiki page to hold current contents of draft RFP
* Use wiki Discussion page to capture any final comments

*March 18th:*
* Final version of RFP published in multiple formats
* GPC brainstorms viable targets

*March 25th:*
*** Each GPC member takes responsibility for one priority target provider to
personally reach out to with the proposal and act as the liaison to that
* RFP is published through standard OWASP outlets

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