[GPC] [Committees-chairs] GPC 2011 Budget Proposal

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Mon Mar 7 23:57:47 EST 2011

Please note,

The OWASP Connections Committee does not need an official budget. We are
a "working group" dedicated to keeping press/twitter/blog/podcast and
other "news" items updated.

- Jim

> Board Members,
> Please find below the link to the Global Projects Committee 2011 Budget
> Proposal. This proposal represents a request to fund four (4) GPC
> initiatives. Each of the initiatives outlines exactly how the funds would be
> utilized and provides a detailed (12 pages long!), well thought out plan
> with concrete goals and tangible deliverables.
> We understand that the OWASP budget is limited and that there are many
> worthy initiatives for OWASP to pursue. We hope that the initiatives
> outlined in this proposal will raise the level of projects across OWASP and
> in turn, grow the image and influence of OWASP resulting in increased
> membership and sponsorship interest. However, we also wish to be realistic
> and state upfront that we do not expect any of these initiatives to produce
> revenue in the near term. We hope that the details provided in this proposal
> demonstrate the long-term value to OWASP of these initiatives and that the
> GPC has carefully considered these ideas. Should the budget for these items
> be approved, we will take our responsibility to these funds and to OWASP
> seriously and seek to find the most economical alternatives for the
> organization.
> I will be on the Board call tomorrow, but I would ask that Board members
> read the document beforehand as it will most likely address any concerns or
> questions you may have regarding our budget requests.
> Global Projects Committee 2011 Budget Proposal:
> https://docs.google.com/a/owasp.org/document/d/11HjbUeJxyRbQ4Jg6Wg7LceMZox0wz3Fz-LUwjfam5eg/edit?hl=en
> -Jason
> Global Projects Committee Chair
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