[GPC] GPC 2011 Draft Budget Proposal

Jason Li jli at owasp.org
Mon Mar 7 01:33:13 EST 2011


Based on our previous meeting, I have drafted a budget proposal to present
to the Board at their monthly meeting on Tuesday:

I've forwarded invitations to view the document. The document should also be
public to anyone with an @owasp.org account. Please let me know if you have
issues viewing.

As we discussed, I have made this proposal as detailed as possible so that
the Board, and the community at large, can understand the thought process
and rationale for our budget requests. I hope the detail also conveys the
fact that we are committed to making concrete progress and that our budget
requests are well thought out.

While the proposal is quite long (12 pages), I believe it captures our goals
for the 2011 year and best positions us to achieve those goals.

I know it's slightly last minute, but I'd appreciate it if you could please
review the document before our meeting today (Monday).

Following the GPC meeting, I will forward the finalized proposal to the
Board ahead of their meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) so they have a chance to
review and consider.

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