[GPC] January 2011 GPC Meeting Minutes

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Wed Jan 12 00:28:16 EST 2011

(to be placed on Wiki)

Meeting commenced: 2011.01.12 @ 9pm EST

Members in attendance: Jason Li, Brad Causey (quorum established)

* GPC members approved GPC governance document (to be placed on Wiki):

* In accordance with new governance rules, Brad Causey is relinquishing role
as co-char and Jason Li was elected as sole chair of GPC.

* GPC informed Board during last week's Board call of their recommendation
for ASVS leader. GPC is finalizing documentation for this recommendation
(Brad has the action item to complete). Board is doing additional research
and has responsibility to make final decision.

* GPC recognizes that previous goals for 2009/2010 were too aggressive. As a
result, many goals were not attained or only partially satisfied. Instead,
for 2011, GPC will focus on fewer goals that are smaller and tangible. Four
high level goals identified for 2011: (1) streamline project initialization
process to make it easier for new projects; (2) implement project governance
change approved by the Board to limit use of "OWASP" brand name to projects
of certain maturity; (3) Setup centralized OWASP hosting service for
projects (Matt Tesauro (Board) has proposals from service providers); (4)
establish project promotion strategy to highlight projects at conferences,
in newsletter, on website, etc (initial pass will leverage hosting service

* GPC recognizes that establishing project quality and implementing project
reviews requires more infrastructure in order to be effective and scalable.
Therefore we are focusing first on establishing project infrastructure
before revisiting the question of quality. As a result, GPC will withdraw
working session on what makes a good OWASP project.

* GPC will run a Summit working session to create "project kit" for new
project leaders (kit is deliverable).

* During OWASP Governance working session, GPC would like to confirm current
mission statement or establish a new one as appropriate.

Action Items:
- Complete ASVS leader selection documentation (Brad)
- Update GPC Summit Working Session (Jason)
- Reach out to Matt Tesauro regarding hosting options already under
consideration (Jason)

Meeting adjourned: 9:53pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 8th @ OWASP Summit (in person)

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 12:57 AM, Jason Li <jason.li at owasp.org> wrote:

> All,
> The GPC will hold its first conference call of the new year Tuesday January
> 11th at 9pm EST.
> Dial-In Details:
> 866-534-4754 (code 192341)
> Agenda:
> * Approve GPC Governance Rules document
> * Approve recommendation for ASVS leader
> * Discuss GPC 2011 plan
> * Identify GPC Summit tasks
> -Jason
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