[GPC] Stach & Liu - "Possible" CC License Violation

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com
Mon Aug 1 22:08:37 EDT 2011


I do not know or care about the particulars here, but all CC licenses
are copyright grants, not patents. There is no requirement to provide
attribution even if the presentation covers the exact same techniques
with different slides.  If S&L did know about this work and their work
is substantially similar, then it would have been cool of them to
provide a reference -- but NOT required.

OWASP is about making application security ideas free and open to
everyone, not about locking them up.  I sincerely hope that there is no
further discussion about this.


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To follow on from

I have reviewed
and I believe they have reused (possibly due to the birthday paradox) a
number of the techniques that I presented on without attribution as
specified by the Creative Commons license, such as the reference to RSS
on slide #11 and DRM on slide #33.  Furthermore, there is no citation of
my OWASP Project yet their presentation was at an OWASP Chapter Meeting.

That stated, I want to review their other "Conference Slides"
available from http://www.stachliu.com/category/publications/ prior to
appointing an independent mediator to approach Stach & Liu

Christian Heinrich
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