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Hello Paolo, 


Hope you are well.


I've marked the project as 'Inactive'. I am carbon copying our GPC to check
whether or not they have any recommendations for us/me.




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Hi Yi, this project was intended to track the 10 most present
vulnerabilities in a source code... the 10 worst programmer behavior.


However since this project is not intended to live anymore (due to lack of
usefulness), I kindly ask Paulo who is reading in cc to shut it down.




On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 3:47 PM, Yi Li <yi.li26 at gmail.com> wrote:

>      will appreciate if anyone could share thoughts on how to evaluate 

> the risk from 'content management system' CMS.

>      the component of CMS that I would like to evaluate is the 

> component that generate content for the web server, which is installed 

> on the application server, which is usually done by install a library 

> of CMS on E-comm's application server. assume there is a coding flaws 

> in the code in this component, such as sql injection, my question is 

> how to evaluate whether such vulnerabilities will open doors for 

> hackers to attack the web applications deployed on the same 

> application server, or such vulnerabilities will only endanger the CMS

>      thanks.


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