[GPC] Joining instructions - OWASP training day, 16th April 2010

Paulo Coimbra paulo.coimbra at owasp.org
Thu Apr 15 11:10:36 EDT 2010

Hello all,


I have the pleasure to confirm the 'OWASP projects and resources you can use
TODAY' course will be held tomorrow. However, since two of the course's
trainers (Matteo Meucci and Justin Clarke) are flying from abroad and
Britain's airports are currently closed, the course structure can suffer
slight adjustments as we may need to replace them.


As for the event itself, please make note of the following instructions and


The course day starts at 9am and is planned to end at 5:30pm.


If you are intending to travel on the staff buses you MUST bring a hardcopy
of the attached letter with the XXX filled in with your full name as this
will need to be shown to the bus driver to allow you to travel. Please find
attached the Shuttle bus info (note there are also shuttle buses from
Staines as well as Heathrow Terminal 5). 


On the contrary, if you are intending to travel on your car to the venue,
and you have already obtained park authorization, the full address is:


British Airways plc

Speedbird Way 


UB7 0GA 

Reception : (0208 73) 85050 


In this situation you must Drive into the VISITORS lane and stop at the
security post. Your car registration & name will be checked against the list
(hence you must have provided these to us beforehand) and you'll be directed
to the visitors car park. Please state you are staying all day. 


In either situation, make your way to reception and ask for Amanda Warren (x
85025 or mobile number: 07808 717410). You will then be issued with a pass &
escorted to the meeting room. 


Also, please be aware that there will not be any computers or internet
access available and so we suggest you bring your own equipment. 


If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact me again. 


Looking forward to seeing you Friday, best regards,


Paulo Coimbra,

 <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page> OWASP Project Manager

Phone 00 44 789 43 42 240



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